Full-O-Bull (1)

Dump Terry Bernardo

Below is one of Bernardo’s latest “anonymous” contributions, posted via Europe (where he created quite a few jobs in the IP-scrambling industry). I’m not going to disrespect you by commenting on the insult-hurling blue paragraphs – you formed an opinion already. By now you know that the angry little man and his halfwit wife are the biggest nobodies in Ulster County politics.

I will comment only on the paragraphs in red, and you’ll see why…

    Anonymous says:
    August 29, 2012 at 11:58 PM

    Marinesco, you really are a small minded, angry little man, aren’t you? You can’t stand Terry being a success while you and your halfwit wife are the biggest nobodies Ulster County politics has ever seen.

    You really think a local news source should not be using a photo of the chairman of the Ulster County Legislature and the county executive of Dutchess County at the most historic Republican National Convention since Reagan? You’re a total dumbass.

In a previous post headlined Breaking News? I legitimately wondered who is feeding MidHudsonNews.com trivial photos of Terry Bernardo. The mostly police-blotter website did not post a word about “most historic Republican National Convention since Reagan,” except to mention it in captions to Terry Bernardo’s photos.

Bernardo is full-o-bull.

    Get it straight finally. You and Manu are nobodies. And the reason you are nobodies is not only that you are full of hate and poison for the people around you. It’s that you have made almost everybody you ever dealt with in politics dislike you.

    You posted that email from Cilenti from years ago. The next day he was going around telling everyone who would listen that he won’t even talk to you two. His wife, too.

On August 4, in a post headlined Thank you, friends!, I published two emails by Tavi Cilenti and Diana Puglisi, and thanked them for being stand-up guys. The last line in Tavi’s email states clearly: “I am copying Jon for publication if so he wishes.”. See for yourself.

Bernardo is full-o-bull.

On August 23, Tavi Cilenti writes to Manuela:
David O'Halloran
Dump Terry Bernardo
David O'Halloran

Last week Diana Puglisi added Manuela Michailescu to her Facebook friends:
Dump Terry Bernardo

Does it look like Tavi and Diana won’t even talk to us?

Bernardo is full-o-bull.

    There’s nobody left who likes you. Nobody who counts, anyway. Manu is dumb as oatmeal and you’re a rabid skunk. If you ever wonder why people turned on you, it ain’t Len and Terry that did it. It’s you.

Illeism is the act of referring to oneself in the third person. Toddlers do it. So does Bernardo when he comments on this blog. In this way personal bias is presented – albeit dishonestly – as objectivity.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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2 Responses to Full-O-Bull (1)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow. You really are hung up on Bernardo aren’t you? This kind of fixation is usually the sign of some sort of mental illness.

    Just for the record, I’m the one who posted the comment you’re trying to defend against and I’m not Len or Terry. I’m a woman who sat in your kitchen at that stupid table in the corner on those uncomfortable benches many times listening to you two talk about all your plans for making our town better. Then I watched you stab everyone who helped you in the back. Me included.

    Get over yourself. Nobody is trying to hide her internet address from you. People use encrypting services when we use wifi in places like Paneras and Starbucks. You really think people want to hide from you? Why do you need to know someone’s address anyway? So you can figure out who they are and attack them like you do anybody who says your wrong about something?

    Yeah. I said what I said and it’s the truth. Tavi is saying those things about you. And he’s not the only one. There’s a retired law enforcement officer who is telling people that the only people who got interviewed by agents when they came to America during Soviet times were the ones who were hooked up with the commies in their home countries. He says that if you guys are telling the truth about the FBI talking to you then something stinks about you. He says that only people who were loyal party members got to make movies and be artists and writers in communist countries.

    Many people in Accord and Kerhonkson are on to your bull, Jon. Manu is never getting elected to anything ever again. The people you screwed are going to see to that and there are alot of us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is fixated on having this person removed as Chair. Its a sham. Leadership lacks. Poor judgement reigns. Everyone suffers. It’s not just Jon, its all of Ulster County. Your head must be in a hole in the ground not to see it.

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