Congressman Chris Gibson has what this Country needs

Vote for Chris Gibson

Blue Stone Press – November 2, 2012

Supporting Congressman Chris Gibson

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to express the basic and simplest qualifying points about Congressman Chris Gibson. First, to retire from the Army after serving over 22 years and attaining the rank of Colonel is an extremely honorable achievement. Second, to be deployed seven times, that means leaving a young family behind, and carrying out the stressful duties which are expected by a Colonel while having his men and himself in harms way, is truly amazing.

I would like to know how many politicians would be able to be ‘Selected and Directed’ like this, and leave loved ones behind, keeping in mind, he’s doing it all for his Country? If you said no one, you’re probably right.

Being a councilman in a Town from the 19th district, I have had the honor and pleasure to spend a great deal of time with the Congressman. Congressman Gibson and his wife Maryjo are not flashy people and have passed the test (by me) to be down to earth people who do not segregate but incorporate the needs of everyone. The proof of this: he could have spent the majority of time working in HIGH concentrated voting areas but he opted to spend a great deal of time and effort to help the small community of Prattsville, N.Y. get the help they needed from the devastation left by “Irene.”

Having served my Country for 32 years, and having the honor of becoming an elected official in the Town where I live, I consider myself to be a very good judge of one’s character and morals. Congressman Chris Gibson has what this Country needs in the worst way.

I ask everyone to get out Election Day and vote for Chris Gibson for Congress.

Robert K. Ryan
Proud American, Chief Petty Officer (ret.), United States Coast Guard, Rosendale

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