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Blue Stone Press – November 2, 2012

Gibson is the bipartisan choice

To the Editor:

We have come together to write this letter in support of Congressman Chris Gibson’s reelection to the United States House of Representatives. Chris Gibson has a record of working in a bipartisan manner.

He worked in Congress to get an amendment passed with bipartisan support to save the federal broadband loan program even though the leadership of his own party was against it.

He worked with Kirsten Gillibrand on a needed intelligence agency efficiency proposal that supported nanotechnology funding and research in upstate New York.

He helped implement needed reforms to programs assisting returning veterans working with Democrat Peter Welch of Vermont.

He has voted for numerous bipartisan jobs bills. Chris has, and will continue to work with members of both parties to bring and maintain job creation here, and to protect our environment.

These are a few examples of why Chris is recognized as a leader who is willing to work with both parties to advance the best interests of his constituents.

We are tired of the negative ads and name calling in politics, and want a man who is going to represent the best interests of all Americans in the 19th district. That man is Chris Gibson.

Lewis Kirschner
(D) Ulster County Treasurer (ret.), Town of Ulster

John Parete
(D) Boiceville

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