Daily Freeman endorses Chris Gibson for Congress

Vote for Gibson
Congressman Chris Gibson with Town of Rochester Supervisor Carl Chipman.
Can you spell L-E-A-D-E-R-S ?

Daily Freeman:

    “We’re endorsing Gibson with a challenge and hope that he will, indeed, stake out and advocate positions with which both sides can live. The country can’t tolerate two more years of congressional gridlock. This is a diverse district. We’re willing to give Gibson an opportunity to show he can effectively represent it.”

Chris Gibson UC Endorsements

    Daily Freeman, Democratic leaning paper
    John Parete, former Ulster County Democratic Party Chairman
    Lew Kirschner, former Ulster County Clerk (Democrat)
    Bruce Tuchman, former Saugerties Town Democratic Chairman
    Michelle Tuchman, leading Democratic leader
    Al Spada, former Ulster County Clerk (Republican)
    Nina Postupack, current Ulster County Clerk (Republican)
    The Republican Party
    The Conservative Party
    The Independence Party

Julian Schreibman UC Endorsements

    Kingston Times
    The Democratic Party
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