Pussycat, go back to school!

Dump Terry Bernardo

Here is a comment on my previous post:

    Scott Haggerty says:
    All you ever seem to do is personally attack people. First, it was Len Bernardo. Then it was Terry Bernardo. Your list has continued with Imre Beke Sr., Imre Beke Jr., Roger Rascoe, Senator Bonacic, the Rep Chairman of Rochester, Rich Cahill, and now Ed Gaddy.

    When I posted once before daring to disagree with your massive ego, you wrote an attack piece against me.

    It seems that you think everyone disagreeing with you are fools. Perhaps you need to look in the mirror. Give it a rest. You are a petty, nasty, jackass with delusions of grandeur.

Scott Haggerty might be a retard, a genius, or even Richard T. Cahill – if we are to believe this anonymous post on another Ulster County blog:

    Anonymous said…
    Remember Scott Haggerty? I now have irrefutable proof that Scott and Rich Cahill are the same person. E-mail me at kingward10@hotmail.com for details. Has anyone read the nasty comments he made on the freeman website? I also have printouts of politics 101. His mayoral race is done. Should I go to Hugh Reynolds or do you want the exclusive?

I don’t know Scott from Adam. But I surely know that if you misrepresent the facts you’re not going to get off scot-free. See the paragraph in red, above? Yep, this one:

    When I posted once before daring to disagree with your massive ego, you wrote an attack piece against me.

You be the judge. Here is my “attack piece” against him:

    Paging Doctor Haggerty…

    A previous post – Such a narcissist, it’s sickening… – exposed the embarrassing behavior displayed by the Chair of Ulster County Legislature Terry Bernardo at the GOP Convention in Tampa Bay. Out of 13 commenters, 12 agreed with me. The odd man out wrote this:

    “You really need to get a life, Jon. Your obsession with the Bernardos is at the point of you needing some serious medication.”

    So far, on this blog, none of the Camp Bernardo commenters proved me wrong: they never address what I write, they’re just pissed off with me for writing it.

    On the other hand, “doctor” Haggerty, the author of the above comment, might have a point: I need some serious medication. Would you help me choose one? So many medications, so little time!

Do you see the “attack piece” against Scott? Neither do I.

Scott Haggerty, whoever you are, go back to school. It’s painfully obvious, you need remedial English with focus on comprehension.

Your petty, nasty, jackass with delusions of grandeur,
– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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