Victory party… (b)

Dump Terry Bernardo

Just so you know, here are some election results in the Town of Rochester:

Obama/Biden (D) – 1,611
Romney/Ryan (R) – 1,242

Gillibrand (D) – 1,883
Long (R) – 890

Schreibman (D) – 1,555
Gibson (R) – 1,250

Leib (D) – 1,472
Seward (R) – 1,236

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3 Responses to Victory party… (b)

  1. I’d say that solid Republican Town of Rochester appears to be solidly Dem from those numbers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Town of Rochester is where it is courtesy of the corrupt RINOs O’Halloran and Bernardo.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Shame on the Republican Committee. This town once had a solid Republican hold. Now, its Corrupt Republicans and DEMOCRATS! Thank you Davie and Lenny — both losers who made it so easy for us ASSES to take over the town, Just you wait and see what happens next.

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