Puzzle? Solved. Bernardo? Busted.

Dump Terry Bernardo

December 2, 2012
To clarify a misleading headline in Daily Freeman, Supervisor Carl Chipman posted a letter on Facebook. To which, as you can see below, Len Bernardo contributed two comments. For starters, he joked about the very serious issue of Skate Time 209’s unearned tax breaks, and tried to paint himself as a victim. In the second comment he makes his point about TAXES being the correct word for flow control fees. Please observe the use of caps.

Dump Terry Bernardo

Couldn’t resist letting in the third comment (above), totally off topic, posted by the pompous Imre Beke Jr. – the President of “Citizens United to Save America” – in an attempt to justify Len Bernardo’s tax breaks. It’s important to remember that, not too long ago, Imre Beke was on Len Bernardo’s payroll.

December 4, 2012
During the Ulster County Special Legislative Session (Budget Vote), Len Bernardo had something to say about one of Patricia Doxsey’s tweets on Daily Freeman website. See the sentence “Or is that a Tax?” Please observe the use of caps.

Dump Terry Bernardo

December 7, 2012
Mr. Anonymous posted this idiotic rabid rant on the Liberty Coalition blog. Look for the words “just another Tax,” on lines 4 and 7. Please observe the use of caps.

Dump Terry Bernardo

Do you have any doubt that Mr. Anonymous is Len Bernardo? Hates Robin. Hates Hein. Hates grammar. Hates math. And writes the word tax with a capital T. To use one of his trademark expressions: Get a clue!

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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