Cult-like band exploits voter deception to wield political power

Dump Len Bernardo
Len Bernardo, the Ulster County Independence Party Boss.

Thousands of voters have been duped into enrolling in Independence Party

Read The Daily News article published Monday, December 10, 2012.


  • The Independence Party counts on its rolls an astronomical number of people who had no intention of joining and who have no idea they’re listed as members.
  • In fact, the Independence Party is a shell whose leaders have wielded undeserved influence over the ballot in New York City and State.
  • There is evidence that the Independence Party has gone beyond reaping the benefits of inflated membership into orchestrated deception to keep power.
  • By the thousands, the evidence shows, voters have mistakenly enrolled in the IndependENCE Party when they had intended to register as independENTS with no party affiliation at all.
  • The Daily News interviewed 200 New York City residents who are carried on Board of Election records as having joined the Independence Party in 2010 and 2011.
    85% disavowed any knowledge of the Independence Party.
  • The Daily News also interviewed 100 registered Independence Party voters who are listed by the Board of Elections as holding positions on Independence Party county committees. 64 of the supposed committee members said they were surprised to learn that records showed them as serving on the panels, and 23 reported no knowledge of belonging to the Independence Party at all.
  • The Independence Party violates two principles of New York election law. The first is an insistence on absolute clarity at the polls. The second is a demand that political organizations demonstrate broad membership support to earn the privileges that come with official recognition — most importantly, the power to place candidates on the ballot.
  • The Independence Party is capitalizing on widespread voter confusion
    to exert illegitimate influence over elections.
    They must be stopped.

Read The Daily News article

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2 Responses to Cult-like band exploits voter deception to wield political power

  1. Anonymous says:

    Been saying that since the first time I ever heard of the Independence party. Long before I ever heard of a Bernardo.
    How this party name was ever allowed is a true realistic example that laws cannot be written to address every item of every situation.
    And because “Independents” is not an official designation for unaffiliated voters the party name had to be allowed. And it came at the perfect time of many voters being disgusted with the American political system and looking for an alternative.
    A perfect storm.
    But most candidates understand the confusion and exploit it and until we can get some real candidates who don’t just run to win but run to win morally they will seek that endorsement again and again.
    Maybe time to get rid of the party system and primaries all together and just let whomever can get enough signatures of support run. It would make for some long ballots, but maybe the voters would actually do some research on who the candidate is instead of following a letter and symbol like sheep. Baaaaaaa…….
    But imagine all the yard signs we’ll have to recycle. Maybe it will give the RRA enough business to be solvent again and kill 2 birds with one stone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jon, this post explains alot. Thanks for the info !

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