Ulster County, speechless (part 5)

Dump Terry Bernardo

More of the Terry Bernardo’s speech, if you care to call it so:

    Chairwoman’s Address
    delivered by Terry Bernardo on January 2, 2013 – Part 5

      To do these things and focus on these issues I’m asking the Legislators to form a Special Committee making “Four for 13” a reality.

      I’m asking four Legislators to serve jointly and lead that Special Committee. Those Legislators are Legislator Peter Loughran, Legislator Robert Parete, Legislator Jim Maloney and Legislator Mary Beth Maio. Legislator Robert Parete and Legislator Peter Loughran work in Albany and have access to some of those who help make these decisions. Legislator Maio has extensive experience on banking and finance and Legislator Maloney has always done a great job leading economical development initiatives in our County.

      I’m asking these four Legislators to be the tip of 2013 spear and pushing our agencies for accountability and working to ensure that these major projects have shovel in the ground and paychecks in the people’s pockets this year in the case of Hudson Landing, Williams Lake and Crossroads, and join with me in working and promote traditional tourism as well.

      Together with the Executive this year also push back against the New York State DEC’s allowing New York City DEP to pollute our communities.

      We didn’t need to litigate last year because the administrative process leading to a consent order has not been exhausted, something I am advised is typically necessary before litigation ensues.

      However, despite the 12.5 million dollars in new assistance for Wawarsing, we need to ensure that the DEC is aware that their efforts to cuddle the DEP would be met with resistance.

      To that end, I continue to pledge my continued support to the efforts of the Executive taking on the DEP, and I am asking Legislator Craig Lopez and Legislator Ken Wishnick to serve as a tag team on behalf of this Legislature, working with the Director of Planning to review any revisions to the initial consent order, recommend strategies to the Legislature based on those reviewed revisions or, in the worst case scenario, the failure of the DEC to revise their initial proposal.

    If you intend to comment on the above rubbish, please be gentle.

    – Jon Dogar-Marinesco

    NOTE: If I missed a few letters from the speech, the remedy is simple: let Terry Bernardo post the actual speech, and I will correct my mistakes, if any.

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1 Response to Ulster County, speechless (part 5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I live in Wawarsing. Mrs. Bernardo did nothing for us. The only thing she did was a freaking stupid video about her visiting a flooded basement, which she posted on YouTube.

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