Ulster County, speechless (part 6)

Dump Terry Bernardo

This is the last installment of Terry Bernardo’s speech, and I’m speechless:

    Chairwoman’s Address
    delivered by Terry Bernardo on January 2, 2013 – Part 6

    Last year I promised our Committees would be places of substantive debates. They were.

    One thing which has frustrated me and I know I’m not alone is the fact that our rules have not been consistently applied or followed.

    Last year we had a group of legislators led by Legislator Kevin Roberts’ Committee Laws and Rules, working on the rules of Legislature and the schedules, and personal circumstances stopped that work which has been proceeding in good faith.

    I am asking leaders Donaldson and Ronk to designate one person from each of their caucuses to sit down and finish this work which was well on the way.

    And I’m directing Legislative Counsel and asking Leader Donaldson to ask Minority Counsel to work with these legislators and finish this so we can have a first reading preferably by February meeting but no later than the March meeting.

    I never want to have the situation where we become disagreeable over process when it is the policy being considered that should be our focus.

    To Legislator Provenzano: you served with distinction on the Golden Hill Local Development Corporation’s board. From all reports and what I know personally, I know that your compassion for that facility and the work that you did served all of Ulster County well.

    I also want to thank our two non-legislative appointments, Michael Bernholz and doctor Michele Iannuzzi for their tremendous expertise.

    The sale of Golden Hill is closing on us and we need to clearly ensure that the promise of patient quality is fulfilled and that our workers are respected in the transition.

    I am asking Legislator Provenzano to work with Legislator Fabiano on a Special Committee on Golden Hill oversight over the transition process, and after the transition to ensure that our seniors are cared for and our workers are respected.

    As we shared in our successes we shared in our frustrations, communication has been difficult at times and non-existing at others.

    Government can not be about personalities, it has to be about the people.

    Our citizens are desirous of better communications, as we heard for example on the night of the budget vote from our friends at the Catskill Mountain Railroad.

    For all of us excellence in service is a goal, but it is not just my goal, I know it is all of yours, but politics is sometime reality for all legislators, from Congress to local boards.

    I remember and I know that you do as well, the public service is what brought us all here.

    If it ever were a year to put politics aside and move the mountains… (unintelligible) …good government, now is the time!

    Whether you voted for me or not, I’m honored that each of you are my colleagues and look forward in partnering with you for the people of Ulster County this year. Thank you.

Now that you read the whole speech, what do you think?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

NOTE: If I missed a few letters from the speech, the remedy is simple: let Terry Bernardo post the actual speech, and I will correct my mistakes, if any.

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4 Responses to Ulster County, speechless (part 6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    It says little except I am going to make a few subcommittees of handpicked Legislators (1 or 2) who will study things my way and help to make my opinions seem like they are agreed to by others. And we have to band together to get back at that mean man Hein because he is making us look like idiots.
    Otherwise it was pure oatmeal. (Well sorry to put oatmeal down as oatmeal is healthy for a person and this speech certainly was not.) Said nothing and was a rambling no purpose speech.
    Bet all those in attendance were riveted to their seats.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Each part of this speech makes me more ill than the last one. She is killing me with dumbness.
    I think she talks just to hear herself talk. She has no plan just half-cooked ideas.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If we think about it–if she is the Senator’s shining light–he’s long past his prime! If this is the best he could do, Ulster County is in a sad state of affairs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “One thing which has frustrated me and I know I’m not alone is the fact that our rules have not been consistently applied or followed.” It is so difficult to imagine that there are individuals that have the audacity to feel that they are above “our rules”… and please don’t confuse these individuals with those who feel that they are above the LAW!

    Did she actually say that with a straight face?

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