Hope nobody’s sniffing Elmer’s Glue

Dump Terry Bernardo

He is the 2nd Vice President of Federated Sportsmen’s Clubs of Ulster County. His name is Elmer LeSuer. The last speaker at the UPAC Legislative Circus (starts at 02:46:55), he is a very candid man: his speech started with “I don’t know about you, but I really have to pee” and ended with “and now I’m gonna pee!”

Just to get it out of the way, whatever Elmer thinks about the NY SAFE Act, I am behind him 100% – but this is not the topic here.

I’m pretty sure Elmer doesn’t know it, but Bernardos are pulling the wool over his eyes. Could you think of another explanation for the Terry Bernardo plug he inserted in the Albany Rally flyer?

    Terry Has Been Doing A Tremendous Job Fighting For Our 2nd Amendment Rights & We Cannot Afford To Lose Her Support If She Is Displaced.

    So Please Make It A Point To Help Support Her In Prepping For The Upcoming 2013 Elections.

On the bus to Albany, Elmer detailed the plan to his captive audience. In his words:
Terry was so helpful… With 14 legislators voting for us, we have enough power to ensure a conservative agenda… I’m pressuring Terry to run for Kevin Cahill’s seat… The goal is to have her re-installed as chair next fall… Terry Bernardo has enough money and power to run for Cahill’s seat… She is still a legislator if she loses against Cahill…

Just wondering if Elmer even knew Bernardo’s name before. Does Elmer have any idea what her opinion was before this? Does Elmer know where she stands on other issues?

Has it ever occurred to Elmer that he is being used?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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27 Responses to Hope nobody’s sniffing Elmer’s Glue

  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor guy, he doesn’t have a clue. Bernardo’s will take him and his organization for every dime they have. Then, MAYBE she will support his cause.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Terry Bernardo has enough money and power to run for Cahill’s seat…”
    Enough money to pay back the taxpayers for the unearned tax breaks and enough power not to do it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure he is a decent guy and is obviously speaking out for what he and many other believe in (including myself) – he should be commended for that. I believe that he mistakenly thinks he needs her to further his cause regarding gun control when in actuality it is Bernardos that need him because of the following he has for votes. He, his supporters (including the organizations he is affiliated with) are being used. The Bernardos get involved with the cause that are made up of voters or people that they can get registered – it’s all about votes.

    What was her position on gun control prior to this? Was she involved any of the gun clubs? Where was she when funding was cut for the mentally handicapped, which Ulster County has housing facilities for – including a few in Rochester? Haven’t heard a word from her how the Federal Sequestration is going to impact Ulster County. What about our homeless and unemployed veterans? The cuts that impact Ulster County’s women and children? Do these very real and serious issues lack the number of votes necessary to “bother” her time? Disgraceful!

    What happened to her “meet and greet” community meetings where she would actually come out and listen to people in the community? At that time it actually gave the appearance that she cared about ALL of the people was suppose to be representing!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mr. LeSuer doesn’t know squat about Bernardo’s “qualities.” If he wants to be represented by her, let him move to the Town of Rochester. Short of that he should pee more, talk less (shoot! now I gave him a First Amendment issue.)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Elmer appears to be an intelligent man however he is clearly not familiar with the Bernardo’s and their history of backroom deal making and back stabbing. He is not immune and sooner or later, he will find that out just as everyone else associated with them does.
    It is all about the Botox Queen. Wake up man, you are being used!

  6. Anonymous says:

    How exactly can Elmer choose between Terry Bernardo and a potential challenger he doesn’t know yet? Who asked him to take credit for the ridiculous idea of Terry challenging Cahill? By the way, wasn’t Terry claiming recently in Freeman that some people have aspirations for her to run for County Executive against Mike Hein? How the fuck did we reach the point where Terry Bernardo is more than a negligible weed in Ulster County political garden? How about we all wake up at the count of three?

  7. Anonymous says:

    The only reason for an assault weapon in Ulster county is to protect yourselves from the Bernardo and the clowns that follow her.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Bernardo should win a Legislative seat first? Her husband is so afraid she will lose, he stacks the deck by making deals with the Republicans and Democrats all across the County so she has no opposition! She is wetting herself over this ridiculous talk. Poor thing, she couldn’t beat Rich Cahill, let alone Kevin Cahill.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What a joke! Does anyone really believe that she has a snowballs chance in Hell of even being supported by the Republicans? These gun guys are a bit out of touch with political reality and extremely delusional. Where do they come up with the idea that either Bernardo can win anything?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Bernardo is practically brain dead, just watch the videos of the County meetings. If she doesn’t have something to read, she sounds like what she is, clueless! Elmer, find someone else!

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is hilarious. He can’t be serious can he? She will probably lose reelection this year and his grand plan is Kaput!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Elmer had his 3 minutes of fame and what did he do with it??He proclaimed he had to pee, talk about a giant mentality!!!He made a fool of himself and those he represents.

  13. Elmer LeSuer says:

    Wow, is my hair really THAT gray???

    Yes, I have spent some time with the Bernardos lately.

    I have been appointed and have been doing my best to represent the good and honest sportsmen/gun owners and people who value Freedom, Liberty, Morality and Conservative based values here in Ulster County. That means working WITH (not for) the Bernardos as well as all legislators, party officials, and others who can affect policy for sportsmen and gun owners in Ulster County and New York State as a whole.

    Yes, I am candid… Yes, I am hard working and passionate… Yes, I am looking for a Kevin Cahill replacement to support… It is no secret that he has given me and the sportsmen/women the run around going on forever, and I (and many others I speak to) do not feel represented by him.

    Yes I am intelligent, and yet still I fully understand about the ego trips and the power grabs and the backroom deals that are commonplace in today’s politics. I refuse to see them as acceptable.

    Nobody who has replied here so far is any better, because every single one of you (If there is even more than one person commenting here), have replied anonymously. You have all fed your ego jealously and whatever else motivated you to comment.

    When I speak, I speak for myself in my own name not hiding in the “backroom deal”-like shadows of anonymity where, who is saying what, is blurred out…

    Yes, I agree it is time to wake up on three… Come out of the shadows and I will have a direct conversation with anyone who wants to quit all the petty political infighting and bullshit fact spinning and actually roll up your sleeves and really do some work for the sportsmen/women, gun owners and the center-to-right minded people of Ulster County.

    Anyone else who wants to join me, step forward… Anyone else, step off, cause this train is not waiting around for squabble…

    And if you think that “these gun guys are a bit out of touch with political reality and extremely delusional.”… And if you are willing to alienate that voting bloc instead of working to attract it like the Bernardo’s have… Well… you are showing me that maybe you are part of what’s broken in your party.

    Frankly, there are quite a few jaded and disenchanted people out there who are looking for fresh options anyway… So maybe we’ll just have to go out and get our own line and quit supporting yours. Then we can discuss who is poor & clueless…

    -Proudly Posted by Elmer LeSuer
    Husband, Father, Gun Owner
    2nd V.P. FSCUC
    Member – Wittenberg Sportsmens Club
    Resident of Ulster County

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe you should seriously think about starting your own party – it has been done in the past and I’m sure that you could do it. You have enough people behind you and your organizations – not just in Ulster County but nation wide. Plus there are many others with the same mindset that are sick and tired of the “politics as usual” BS.

      Your voice is being and has been heard – there is strength in numbers and you have the numbers. People who support you and your beliefs trust you and those that you place your trust in. If you start your own party and hand select your candidates; people will vote your line without feeling they crossed their own party line. You may find that the major parties become interested in cross endorsing your candidate for their own game… I mean gain but that will be your call.

      The politicians need you (as a group) – you don’t need them!

    • Frank Wisneski says:

      I wholeheartedly encourage you start our own party, find our own candidates and run against the mainstream parties, including the Bernardo’s sham party. That way we can show how many people agree with us. Let Bernardo fend for herself, she has no power to change the SAFE Act at the County level anyway. She really is using us as we will find out once this is over with when the SAFE act is repealed of amended..

  14. Richard Casey says:

    Well said Elmer…:)

    You have my support and the support of many others to continue the good work you are doing. I have learned a long time ago that these online blogs are a hangout for trolls who like to stir things up. They always seem to hide behind the veil of anonymity and never seem to have anything intelligent to say. All I know is that when the trolls resort to name calling and accusations without any data to support their position … I see it as irrational, irrelevant, and irresponsible commentary. I do not know much about Bernardo … but given what I have seen from her in such a short period of time, I support her based n what I see her doing and what she has achieved so far. Please ignore the trolls and keep up the good work.

    Thank you.

  15. Aaron says:

    Go Elmer!

  16. Richard Casey says:

    By the way … if you look at their slogan on this site is says “The first reaction to the Truth is Hatred” … and all I see is angry and hateful posts from the “Anonymous” crowd here.

  17. Elmer has done a terrific job organizing and following through on events to help protect our Second Amendment rights for some time but especially during the current crisis. He’s worked on all things related the outdoor sporting community for years. He is one of, if not the top sportsman advocate in Ulster County. He deserves our thanks and gratitude. You folks that criticize him are either completely misinformed or demo-rat plants. Stop the BS. Then there are those that are jumping all over Terry B. I have seen her in action on several occasions and I’m glad she’s on OUR side. We need SOMEBODY to challenge Cahill. He evidently has pledged allegiance to “Il Duce” rather than keeping his oath of office.Too bad it’s taken the SAFE Act travesty to wake up the average guy. Where have some of you been for the last few decades while some of us have been carrying the load? If you are a gun owner and don’t belong to either the NRA or NYSRPA or better yet both, you have little right to complain about anything related. I’m known for being rather direct myself. So to some of you naysayers, I say “some of you need to trade your pink panties for some jockey shorts”.

    John E. Darney
    NRA Certified Handgun and Shotgun Instructor
    Benefactor Member NRA
    Life Member NYSRPA
    Member SCOPE
    Life Member Walden Sportsmen’s Club
    Life Member Wallkill Rod and Gun Club

  18. Thank you Elmer for taking the time to fight for the preservation of 2nd Amendment Rights of citizens of Ulster County and New York State.

  19. K Baker says:

    Wow, never been on this site before. Seems like there are a whole lot of angry people on here. Other than the rather well written article on so called assault weapons this whole site seems to be dedicated to Terry. Well maybe in a not so nice way. One thing I couldn’t find is the author of all this fine work. If it’s what you believe stand by it. I for one appreciate all of the Ulster County Legislators who supported the resolution. Republican and democrat. They all stood up for something they believed in. Elmer has been tirelessly working to fight the SAFE-ACT and Terry has been helping the cause. The fact that some feel a loyalty because of this is not wrong. Maybe they don’t know everything she has ever voted on or done but appreciation for her position and effort on this topic is warranted. I would like to think that most voters don’t just vote on one issue. That would be fantasy. How many people vote and send money because they support or oppose abortion, immigration or a whole lot of other topics. This issue is no different. Many people, both career politicians and newbies have ridden a wave like this into office. There is a lot of fight left in this battle. Lets she how many get pushed up or sucked under by the tide.

  20. Molon Labe says:

    Elmer, the first thing you learn in local politics is not to take ” anonymous” comments or replies seriously or to heart. I personally wouldn’t even entertain them for they are as meaningless as their fortitude challenged authors. Just like their minority leader of the UC Legislative Circus that so eloquently pointed out after he was lulled into a trance by his own melodic voice for five minutes ” Cowards”. Personally I could care less what Terry’s motives are for supporting our fight against Prince Andrew’s useless UNSAFE Act. Remember Bob Seger’s ” Night Moves”? ” I used her, she used me and neither one cared” pretty much sums it up! I’ll stand with you and fight for our rights and welcome anyone who wants to join the fight regardless of their motives! Heaven knows after a three hour list of speakers, being human and such, I even have to pee sometimes or God forbid , stop in the middle of a sentence to take a drink of water when uncomfortably parched . I appreciate your trying to interject some levity into that UPAC sesssion although its wasted on these elitist, holier than thou “Catfish”. If that’s everyone’s gripe with your activism consider yourself lucky. Remember these commenters are so much smarter and better than everyone else they are ashamed to sign their names. While im not ashamed of signing my name I’m going to sign with what most of them will have to google. If I dont know who Im speaking to why should they…..? Dont worry Brother we got your six!!!!!!!! Catfish are jumpin……….

  21. Tom Maerling says:

    Just to get it out of the way, I am proud of Elmer and Terry and thank them both for the fight they have waged in defense of the 2nd Amendment, but this isn’t about that. This about the author dragging an innocent man into his war with the Bernardos and his cowardice fan base.

    When all I see are innuendos slung at the Bernardo’s written by anonymous authors I can only envision jealous cowards hiding behind their computers. I wonder if it’s Legislators Donaldson, Gregorious, Wishnick or others behind their screens attempting to exact their revenge like 3yr olds. But I doubt it’s them because no matter how little I agree with them politically I know they are at least courageous enough to publicly put their names and faces on their beliefs and or ideas.

    As for yourself Jon, you seem to write as though you want your readers to believe you have concern for the welfare of Elmer, but yet you debase him with your choice of title and your questioning of whether he has the maturity to know if somebody is pulling the wool over his eyes. Had you any real concerns for Elmer you’d had taken him aside and shared them with him privately, enlightening him to exactly what he should be wary of.

    Instead for some senseless reason you drag his name through the mud and into your little war with the Bernardos. So it seems to me your the one trying to pull the wool over your readers eyes.

    I am now going to ask you to prove that you are not a low life and apologize to Elmer. If you choose not to, I will know you are the actual low-life that you are trying to convince us that the Bernardos are.

    PS. Perhaps the reason Elmer would plug Terry’s birthday party/ fundraiser is the same reason my wife and I donated to a local politician for the first time in our lives. Because we saw first hand Terry et al. stand up to the want-to-be tyrants and fight with as much vigor as we ourselves would to protect our 2nd Amendment.

    So once again, thank you Elmer and thank you Terry.

    As for you Jon, Lets stop with the hate and unite to clean up this mess of a country for our children. You don’t have to like the Bernardos you just have to stop debasing those of us that do like the Bernardos.

    Tom Maerling

    • Anonymous says:

      Tom, you are smitten. The Bernardos are not nice people. They are takers and not givers. They are users and not sharers. They are manipulators and not companions. They are abusers and not participants. They are liars and not honest. They will break your heart. You will see.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The gun owners are falling for her charm!

  23. Anonymous says:

    I own guns and do not fall under her spell. I am sure employees of Town of Rochester or Ulster County are concerned about putting their name on a comment.

  24. In case you don’t know it – it’s me, Robin, and I am never afraid to put my money where my mouth is. The Bernardos are on the SAFE Act because it is a political move, nothing more. Why don’t all the gun owners invite Terry and Len to the next sportsmens clay pigeon shoot? I, and many others, will happily show up to watch Terry load and fire a shotgun at a flying clay pigeon. I haven’t done it in years, but believe me I have and would happily do it again just to see Len and Terry enjoying an afternoon of sport shooting. Yeah right.

    Elmer and all the true 2nd Amendment Supporters, find another candidate to replace Cahill, and yes, please let me know when your next event is because I will happily and earnestly attend. I think everyone knows how to reach me, but if not, google me.

    Robin Vaccai Yess, CFP

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