Steven Fornal awarded a medal for self-preservation

Dump Terry Bernardo Screw Steven Fornal

Steven Fornal has the right – and a good reason – to hate me. For years I performed autopsies on his writings and exposed his defective thought processes. Hating me but attacking my wife is a case in point.

A letter to Editor sent by Manuela to a local newspaper triggered Steven Fornal’s offensive:

    “…readers must remember seeing numerous letters/posts from her over the past year blatantly and desperately attempting to keep her name in the voting public’s mind for her upcoming political run (2013 for county legislator or town council).”

I like the way Fornal pretends to read Manuela’s mind, but I love how he covers all bases: “…for county legislator or town council” – clueless, dontcha think?

Manuela Michailescu wrote:

    “…How long are people going to vote for somebody who casually breaks the laws, hires all her friends on the people’s dime, and avails herself of $160,000 in taxpayers’ money, compliments of the Industrial Development Agency?”

Steven Fornal replied:

    “The rest of Michailescu’s screed goes on to imply that Ms. Bernardo somehow illicitly took money from county coffers via tax breaks given to her jointly owned business, Skate Time 209. The reality, however is that all new business ventures in UC use the tax breaks allowed them by law. Ms. Bernardo’s use of those tax breaks was no different than any other business that have located in Ulster County.”

Freeman jumped in: Two Ulster County businesses, including one co-owned by Legislature leader Terry Bernardo, face tax ultimatum

Manuela Michailescu wrote:

    “My applying for a volunteer position on the Historic Preservation Commission triggered accusations of being responsible for the Internet pornography. Two judges ruled in my favor but Fornal still brags of seeing my porno site. Nice man.”

Steven Fornal replied, I just inserted a few red words:

    “What happened was two very prominent women on the Historic Preservation Commission names? caught wind how? of a pornographic link URL? affiliated with Manuela and Jon Dogar’s Brickhouse Antique website proof?. The link was real says who? and was witnessed by dozens of residents names? over the span of a couple of months porn addiction?.

    The prominent women DEMANDED based on what? that Manuela be questioned about the porn site. I, in fact, pleaded with the town board in what capacity? NOT to question Manuela about it as the link URL?, while real says who?, could never be definitively proved to have anything to do with Manuela why? (although very possible her husband’s doing as he is a webmaster innuendo?).

    They went ahead and asked (NOT accused ) her were you there? if she had any affiliation with or knowledge about the porn site. Manuela went ballistic were you there?. She began screaming and got up and unilaterally stopped the interview were you there?. She proceeded to go to the parking lot, get in her car and ram somebody’s car were you there?.

    She went to court saying the interview had so upset her that she shouldn’t be held responsible were you there?. NY State Motor Vehicular law is very clear: Whoever is behind the wheel is responsible for what ensues really? always?. To avoid conflict of interest the case was referred to Hurley Town Court. A prominent rightwing proof? judge ruled that Manuela should get restitution from the town for the cost of fixing the damaged car really?.

    The town immediately appealed, but then, within months, lost the election and the new board new board? dropped the appeal. So, ZERO judges ruled on her involvement with an internet porn site as she claims were you there?. Accusing me of bragging is again typical of whom?.

    More than a year ago when an online back and forth soon led to the unjust charge against Manuela, I remarked that the link was real URL?, I and many other people names? had seen it over the course of months, and that once the Town Board brought it to her attention when?, the site URL? disappeared within 24 hours poof!.

    So the supposed fiction of a porn site connection was, in fact, a fact! says who? Town Board members had actual printouts of the Brickhouse site URL?, the connecting link (Manuela’s Playhouse) URL? and the porn site URL?. As anyone who has printed out a webpage knows, at the bottom of said page is the web URL; proof of the linkage URL?. The fact that the site disappeared so suddenly could very easily indicate a Jon Dogar Marinescu hand in the porn link. innuendo?

With Fornal is hard to tell: is he an accomplished idiot who sincerely believes his own bull? or a perverted soul who enjoys spreading lies, fully knowing what they are?

You be the judge.

After his latest diatribe against Manuela was rejected by newspapers, a desperate Fornal posted this masterpiece on his own Facebook page:

Dump Terry Bernardo Screw Steven Fornal

Nobody paid attention, so he upped the ante and dedicated a whole blog to Manuela:

Dump Terry Bernardo Screw Steven Fornal

It pains me to say it, but Steven Fornal is not a perfect idiot. Even he, despite being blinded by hate and anxious to serve Terry Bernardo…

Dump Terry Bernardo Screw Steven Fornal

…had a moment of lucidity and abandoned his first choice for the address of the blog.
For that, he fully deserves the medal for self-preservation.

Dump Terry Bernardo Screw Steven Fornal

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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8 Responses to Steven Fornal awarded a medal for self-preservation

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    this guy needs a Mental Health evaluation

  3. Anonymous says:

    He has been Town of Rochester’s resident crazy for years.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A website URL was never produced in court. it was said in court that the printouts were destroyed or disappeared. They were from YAHOO search results, NOT from a website.
    The Hurley Judge happened to have worked for IBM for years and understood the essence of the case better than anybody. Steve Fornal just hates being WRONG.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Got time to waste? If so, Google him and his aliases. Got a strong stomach? If so, kick it up a bit and check out his writings on However, I feel that it is necessary to warn everyone about some of the pictures that accompany his fine examples of “literature”. Some of these pictures are the kind that “prominent women” would find disturbing, offensive and quite possibly would consider them to be pornographic in nature.

    For those of you with time to waste and strong stomachs: Happy Googling!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Imitation is the best form of flattery. Jon, be flattered that this guy has taken to your MO by attempting to perform his own autopsy on your wife’s letters.

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