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Somebody’s got to go!

Picture this… The year is 2010, while the legislator next to Walter Frey is Terry Bernardo. You could almost hear her mind screeching around one thought: Wadnola’s got to go! The rookie legislator hates to sit in the back of … Continue reading

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Terry Bernardo, a self-styled victim

In my post Tax Time 209 I have already mentioned Terry Bernardo‘s whining on Facebook. Today, a Freeman article gives us a better picture: Ulster County Legislature Chairwoman Terry Bernardo this week launched an attack on Facebook against County Executive … Continue reading

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Please accept my apologies, and my advice too…

I sincerely apologize to all those who popped the champagne after reading only the first paragraph of my previous post. I feel your pain. On the other hand, it’s not a bad idea to read my posts to the last … Continue reading

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Controversial Rochester Legislator Terry Bernardo has resigned effective today after questions arose regarding a plethora of issues: being forced to pay a penalty fine for breaking the New York Election Law, being the subject of a NYS Department of State … Continue reading

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Rumor has it

Delayed by a Rochester Town Board meeting where he spoke about Video Lottery Terminal gambling, David O’Halloran arrived at a county-wide GOP gathering just in time to be appointed vice-chair of Ulster County Republican Committee. He was tasked with fundraising … Continue reading

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Steven Fornal awarded a medal for self-preservation

Steven Fornal has the right – and a good reason – to hate me. For years I performed autopsies on his writings and exposed his defective thought processes. Hating me but attacking my wife is a case in point. A … Continue reading

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Hacking Terry Bernardo’s brain

If you listen to Terry Bernardo, I should have been shipped to Sing Sing years ago, probably for life or longer – for crossing state lines on the “internets” while hacking her mama’s puter. If you think I’m kidding, read … Continue reading

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Hacking Len Bernardo’s brain

OK. Don’t panic. Let’s see. Who can help now? Bonacic? Fat chance, fatter after redistricting. Roger? Who am I kidding… Honey! Honey, did you blame Hein on Facebook today? Good, good… Must focus. Plan A. Take them to court, all … Continue reading

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Tax Time 209

Before elections: “Terry Bernardo will take good care of taxpayer dollars.” This morning, in Freeman: Two Ulster County businesses, including one co-owned by Legislature leader Terry Bernardo, face tax ultimatum KINGSTON, N.Y. — Two area business, including one owned by … Continue reading

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Three lemons in a row? The voters must be winning!

We have learned from a article in Shawangunk Journal that “a lot of people have that aspiration” for Terry Bernardo to run for Ulster County Executive. We have seen people “needing” her to run for Assembly District 103 (Kevin Cahill’s … Continue reading

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