David O’Halloran wants more resigning opportunities

Dump David O'Halloran

From the Freeman article Ulster, Dutchess school board races take shape we learn that School Board Elections will be held on May 21. In the Rondout Valley district, while incumbent Chris Kelder, the board’s president, did not seek re-election, four candidates have filed petitions to fill three 3-year seats. The candidates are incumbents David O’Halloran and Michael Redmond Sr., as well as Jennifer Ryan and Kevin Cothren.

Four candidates, three seats, and O’Halloran in the race? I love it!

He became a member of the School Board by arrangement: a board member resigned after elections, so David could be appointed to fill the vacancy. The following year he mustered the courage to throw his hat in the ring: there were only five candidates for five seats, and guess who came in the fifth place?

David O’Halloran hates elections, unless he has a hand in fixing them. In 2009 he bowed out of the New York State Republican Committee race (107th Assembly District), after I convinced Keith Kortright and Barbara Zaccai to run against the O’Halloran-Bernardo team.

Right now, O’Halloran is on a roll. He resigned left and right, like there is no tomorrow, and he might be right. He resigned as Chairman of Ulster County Industrial Development Agency, he resigned as Vice-Chairman of the Ulster County Republican Party. He did not resign from his positions because he truly wants what’s best for people. He got caught under a conflicts of interest avalanche. Speaking of conflicts of interest, now even Terry Bernardo – his best political ally – prods him to resign the Rochester Republican Committee chairmanship.

On May 21, forget O’Halloran. He is so busy resigning, he’d never make time for the School Board.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

Mr. David O’Halloran pointed out via email that he took 4th place in the last School Board election, not the 5th place as I erroneously reported. He sent a link to the article Controversy? School Budgets Pass Across The Region (Shawangunk Journal, May 17, 2012) from which this paragraph is taken:

    Newcomers Wayne Beckerman and Rebecca Versace got the highest number of votes in the school board race, with 1,221 and 1,190 respectively. Together with incumbent Breanna Costello, who received 1,182 votes, they will each serve full three-year terms starting in July. David O’Halloran, with 1,089 votes, and Michael Redmond, with 1,051, will be immediately sworn in, but their terms will only last until July, 2013.

I stand corrected. jdm

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36 Responses to David O’Halloran wants more resigning opportunities

  1. Anonymous says:

    He NEVER should have been on that board in the first place. I have never voted for him and this year will be no different.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kevin Cothren would be a great board member. O’Halloran remember was to good to even send his kids to the school so why would anyone want him on the school board?

  3. Anonymous says:

    There should be some stipulation that if you do not send your children to public school then you should not be allowed to sit on the public school board. Go sit on the school board at the school your children attend. What’s his campaign slogan going to be? Rondout isn’t good enough to educate my children but I’m good enough to make decisions for your children…. Or…. I’m great at making great decisions for kids – proven by not sending my kids to Rondout.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Vote for me – I’ve never won an election.

    I’ve been appointed but never elected – vote for me.

    I have held many elected positions without being elected – vote for me!

    Meet me for coffee or tea – vote for me!

    Vote for me so I can prove that I can win an election.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh, John, you’ve been misleading us badly! Of course, Mr. OH didn’t came in last, he employs more voters than Redmond!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The School Board ain’t any better than the Town of Rochester. Both Davie O and Chris K (to be referred to as Little K) continue to try to own the Town and the Community. Little K is not running for he’s in line for his Daddy (Big K’s) Highway job,. After all–Little K has experience sitting on the Highway payroll all winter waiting for snow to fall. Voters WAKE UP and look at the Town and School Board. Nothing is working right–and LOOK at those in charge!!! We need a clean sweep. As for last year’s vote tally–Davie O — for all your pizza, beer and free swims at the Dump, you did not even make the top three!!!

  7. David O'Halloran says:


    I have to admire the admiration, devotion and support both you and Len provide to your spouses. Each of you are willing to do or say anything to get your spouses elected. Unfortunately you both share another trait; anyone that disagrees with either of you, deserves to be destroyed. What doesn’t make sense, if the two of you recognized the intelligence and strength of your spouses, you would both get out of their way. Manuela and Terry are equal to any male politician, they each have proved that in their own right. You and Len continually taint your spouses by your words and actions, making their goals more difficult to reach.

    Jon, speak outside your circle of friends, the statement “Manuela is a caring, intelligent person but Jon…”. Love is blind, how very true. Your tremendous love for your spouse has blinded you to the harm you do to her on a daily basis with this blog. I know you do not do this with malice, you actually think your helping Manuela.

    Manuela is a good candidate, a person willing to serve the Town or County. As a committee member, I will encourage others to look past her connection to you and focus on her tremendous devotion to Rochester and those that live here.

    • Anonymous says:

      O’Halloran you are wrong on many points. Terry has NOT proven herself to be anything that resembles a good, decent person or politician. Manuela has proven herself as an honest person that has the best intrest of the Town and County at heart. Jon is not willing to say or do anything to get Manuela elected. Jon lays it all out there so people can see what has happened and what is most likely to happen. He tells the sequence of events, meetings and the fallout. You, Len and Terry are willing to say or do anything to make sure Manuela does not get elected and you are ALL still doing it. Perfect example; you recruited Dawson just days ago to run against Terry ans Manuela.This Blog is the only way voters can know the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really David ? you “will encourage others to look past her connection to you and focus on her tremendous devotion to Rochester and those that live here”.
      Then why have you helped Bernardo’s with their mudslinging and lies and why did you recruit John Dawson? Has Dawson or Terry even submitted a letter of intent to run for district 21 Legislator? The meeting at the Pinegrove was the first anyone heard of Dawson running.

    • Anonymous says:

      You talk as if you actually care about Terry, Manuela, the TOR and people other than yourself…… Laughable & disgusting all at the same time. Disgraceful!!!

  8. bubbaband says:

    I have known Kevin Cothren since 1968 , when we were both Freshmen at the State College @ NewPaltz, as it was known then,
    He had a great career as a beloved Teacher and will make an excellent School Board Member when elected.
    No comment on the rest of this issue, but Kevin should get one of your votes, Rochester voters, in my opinion,,

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kevin Cothren will be a great sset to a screwed up community. Terry has done nothing fior the people of Rochester except embarass them.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The casino is what keeps Bernardos fighting, they must get whatever was promised to them by whoever promised it… Davey is motivated by the promise of VLTs….. But what’s so exciting about the School Board to make O’Halloran endure elections twice so far? Chris Kelder’s not running again makes the position of President available for David……President Davey? I wouldn’t be surprised….

  11. Anonymous says:

    David will not win this election. He has become a joke–a bad joke at best and the voters see him for what he is. Voters are looking for truth in Government and for someone who will look out for their best interest. I like Manuela! She came to our country and CHOSE to become an American and CHOSE to be a Republican. David O’Halloran should be ASHAMED of himself and how he manipulates his kool aid drinking GOP committee. Manuela go for it! You have my vote.

  12. David O'Halloran says:

    A few general comments that I think may not be fully understood. The Rochester GOP or County GOP Committees does NOT select the candidate(s) to represent Republicans for election to the U.C. Legislature. Republican Legislator candidates are selected via the petition process. Any register Republican(s) may carry petitions to become the Republican candidate from each district. If more than 1 registered Republican from the same legislative district carries petitions, then a Republican primary in September will allow register Republicans from that district choose the Republican candidate.

    The Rochester Republican Committee and Wawarsing’s Republican Committee district 12 will vote at the U.C. Repubilcan UNOFFICIAL convention on May 29. This vote represents the unofficial endorsement of the committee members. The vote carries no official “right” or party endorsement. It is purely a vote of support from committee members. Regardless of that vote, interested candidates must carry petitions in order to earn their right to have their name on the ballot as a Republican.

    Rochester’s legislative district 21 will likely have more than one Republican carrying petitions and we will have a primary. Each committee member agreed to encourage Republicans to seek elected office and are required to find and encourage candidates. Understand, Terry and Manuela agreed along with all other committee members to encourage all registered Republicans to consider becoming a candidate.

    While I would like to accept credit for encouraging John Dawson to run for District 21, fact is, I did not. I did, and will continue to encourage others to consider running until the petition process is over. I ask each committee person to do the same, it is a core responsibility of every committee member. The greater number of candidates, the greater the health of our town GOP committee.

    Once a candidate is selected via a Republican primary, all committee members are REQUIRED to support that candidate in the general election.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, that is the proper process. You did a fabulous job of explaing the process. Now can you tell the readers what process is in place in the TOR? You know, the calls you make to potential candidates to discourage them from challenging your chosen candidate, how you enlist the assistance of others to speak to those potential candidates when you are unable to get them to come around to your way of thinking, how you also use the same techniques when you have sold the R line out for repayment of a politcal favor, how the “required” Republican support is practically (if not completely) non-existent if it isn’t your chosen candidate, etc. Come on, break it down for the readers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    What’s the matter Dave? Someone pissed in your Cheerios?

  14. Anonymous says:

    That is really how it is done? I heard it Chairman Dave uses threats and promises cause he OWNS the 11 members of the Committee. I never realized until yesterday Dave made Len a committee member who has the most say and no vote.

  15. Anonymous says:

    He seems to be on a resignation roll – Any possibility he’s going to resign as a Rochester resident?

  16. David O'Halloran says:

    You are all welcome to critique my chairmanship of the Rochester GOP Committee but it is hard to argue with our committee results. Currently we have 3 candidates for Dist 21 (had 4), 2 candidates for supervisor, 3 candidates for town board, 2 candidates for justice, 1 highway and 1 town clerk. Our goal would be to have at least two registered Republicans for each position.

    As chair do I give political advise? Yes, in politics everyone has a opinion. I try to base mine on past election data but tides change quickly and no one can accurately predict the next voter wave. While again, posters here believe either that I have more authority or influence than history suggest. Election Law dictates the path of each candidate and our role is much more reactionary and supportive. Another post: have I discouraged Manuela (they left her name out buts not hard to recall the only time I tried to swing a candiadte to another race) from running again for Dist 21. Yes. Having failed at two attempts to win this seat and yet having had a strong showing at Town Board. I did my job as chair,discussed the likelyness of victory for councilwoman and the difficult task of overcoming two losses for legislator. If anyone of you actually knows Manuela, she makes up her own mind. My job was to discuss the political landscape and offer election advice based on past results. I do the same for every candidate. They need to know what’s ahead and then make their own decision. The 3 or 4 minute conversation I had with Manuela two months ago was civil and done at the end of a committee meeting in a private conversation. A week later she announced her intent to run, which I immediately forwarded to the U.C. GOP chair. Manuela was then recognized as a candidate for Dist 21 at a County GOP committee gathering.

    The best way to know the facts, get involved. We also encourage registered Rochester Republicans to become committee members. Currently we have one person asking to be appointed to a vacant seat, if you are interested, please let any committee member know.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you say it enough times – they will believe it. You should repeat your story a few more times because I don’t think you have convinced them yet.

      You were giving out “election advice” long before you were part of the “real” GOP; when you were a wannabe president of an unofficial wannabe GOP organization, fooling real Republicans into believing all your stories and the real TOR GOP knew exactly what you are all about.

  17. Anonymous says:

    David is about as convincing as a snake oil salesman. Give it up Dave–we all know you are the bully in the sandbox. What is surprising is you continue to believe in what comes out of your mouth. Rochester knows what you are all about–Two candidates for Supervisor–HAHA. Guess that’s how you are using Boy Troy.

  18. David O'Halloran says:

    May 22 the Rochester Republican Committee will have the 1st of 3 Town Candidates Nights. The goal is to encourage register Republicans to run for Town offices and give the voters a chance to know their candidates well.

    There is a 2nd Supervisor candidate, we spoke a few times, I will ask if he wishes to have his name out in public. I can confirm that it is not Troy Dunn, however that does not rule out his elective right to run for any office (all voters right).

    The “Maryjane” Committtee prior to my tenure on town committee differs on many fronts. Good or bad is left to the constituent. A few differences: 1 we encourage all to petition for town committee seats, no challenges, no court cases to prevent primary. 2 we welcome all registered Republicans to attend our meetings (there’s we’re never posted and restricted to committee members) 3 we do not endorse candidates for town offices (that right belongs to the caucus). 4 our committee supports 100% of caucus endorsed candidates (not the Dem candidate). 5 July or August caucus (not mid sept) to provide caucus endorsed candidates to prepare for general election. Now these changes reduce the flexibility and authority of the committee and shifts those rights to candidates and voters. Is that good or bad, Maryjane’s committee lost the majority of the town board, we won it back. Not so good if you are a Dem or RHINO.

    • Anonymous says:

      That court battle was done for the good of the party because they all knew all about you. You turned the Republicans against them with your horse and pony shows. If they didn’t have to invest all of their time defending a take over by a crook they could have done more for the Republicans. In the end I am sure they felt like it was a losing battle and that the true Republicans would figure it out the hard. Which is what’s happening now… so suck it up Dave!

  19. David O'Halloran says:

    Interesting reply, did not address the loss of majority, date of caucus, endorsement of town candidates or support for Dems while Republican candidates were on the ballot?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because in the end none of that matters as the outcome is determined by you.

      The political bullshit (call it advice if you so chose to but it doesn’t change what it is) that you give to potential candidates is to force them into coming around to your way if thinking, which is not about what’s in the best interest of the Party it’s about your personal best interests. You don’t support nor will ever support Manuela because she is more than capable to think for herself, act by herself, form her own opinions by herself and speak for herself – something you cannot afford in a candidate that you want to manipulate. Your crying about what big bad Lenny and Terry did to you is music to many Republicans’ ears – how’s it feel to be on the receiving end? Save your answer…. suck it up Dave!
      You once fooled us all but no more.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, all to avoid your take over.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not running a Republican candidate, when there are interested Republicans, is equivalent to cross endorsing a Democrat – tell the readers that never happened as a result of your “political advice”.

  20. David O'Halloran says:

    7:36pm “I determine the outcome” not sure how that can be done in a town in which there are more Dems & NOPs but if you knowledge explain. If I control something of such magnitude it would be good the process.

    You may forget hat I supported Manuela for councilwoman against Francis Grey. If I recall, which admittedly, is not yesterday, that support came in many ways and was considerable. Not sure if this poster can claim such effort on any candidates behalf. The “form your own opinions and speak for themselves” …do you know Carl, Terry, Tavi, Brian, Spike, Ronnie, Katie and Ron. I supported them and more, record shows they are not puppets of anyone or to the GOP committee. One example of many: the TB we put in office voted against a committee recommendation on ZBA.

    You support Manuela, good. Help her as a candidate, that’s what supporters do. Write positive letters to the editor, help her in the petition process, raise $ for her campaign, go door to door. That is what every member of the committee will do for the candidate that wins the primary. Do you understand, all registered Republican voters pick the candidate, not me or the committee?

  21. David O'Halloran says:

    Words lost on phone….
    7:36pm “I determine the outcome” not sure how that can be done in a town in which there are more Dems & NOPs but if you how, please explain. If I control something of such magnitude it would be good to know the process.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t need me or anyone to explain your political process, you know you do and what you have and haven’t done. Tell the readers that you did not attempt to talk Manuela out of running for Town Council, tell the readers you had nothing to do with black listing Manuela and with the Dems from Wawarsing running on the Republican line with Terry – forcing Manuela to run on her own line, making deals with the TOR Dems to not put up candidates in return for doing the same in return just to keep Dems on the TB, getting other candidates on the ballot (Republican or Conservative) to sway an election, that you have never been involved in back room deals, connived with Mario, Tom or the Bernardos. Tell the readers you didn’t do any of these things.

  22. David O'Halloran says:

    11:21pm yes, last county executive race, I discouraged using a “placeholder” against Mike Hein. If we did not have a candidate that could mount a serious run against Mike with a message that could resonate with voters, don’t waste the resources. Mike had a zero tax levy budget as a message and I supported a “Blank”.

    Town Board, Lynn & Tony were doing Avery good job representing all residents (GOP too) and we did not have a candidate asking to run. I turned down cross endorsement by closing caucus to Dems but supported the “Blanks”.

    In either real example above, my authority or control of the outcome was limited to my one vote. Nothing prevented candidates from being nominated on the floor by the entire caucus. Same in County, any of hundreds of committee members could have made a nomination.

    You greatly over estimate my ability to influence the elections and influence candidates after they are elected. Please have a conversation with Manuela, ask her how often during her time on the TB did I or the committee steer the vote? Ever? We may have pushed for something once, I recall losing that push once (ZBA appointment), do not recall winning any.

    • Anonymous says:

      So, Mr. Diehard GOP, can you honestly say you have never done anything to support candidates other than GOP candidates? You should probably familiarize yourself with the definition of the word honest before replying.

    • Anonymous says:

      You turned down the cross endorsement…… That’s great….. You just didn’t run anyone….. Does anyone else realize that the outcome is the same? It’s amazing how you can get Johns, Harolds and Brians when it benefits you but when it doesn’t it is incredible how nobody is interested….. Coincidence? Or could this be the outcome of the unofficial TOR political advisor?

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