David O’Halloran’s best shot… O’oops!

Dump David O'Halloran

I would like to express my admiration for David O’Halloran’s “admiring the admiration” in his comment to my previous post:

    April 25, 2013 at 7:34 AM
    David O’Halloran says:


    I have to admire the admiration, devotion and support both you and Len provide to your spouses. Each of you are willing to do or say anything to get your spouses elected. Unfortunately you both share another trait; anyone that disagrees with either of you, deserves to be destroyed. What doesn’t make sense, if the two of you recognized the intelligence and strength of your spouses, you would both get out of their way. Manuela and Terry are equal to any male politician, they each have proved that in their own right. You and Len continually taint your spouses by your words and actions, making their goals more difficult to reach.

Nice try, David! After kissing Bernardos’ collective ass for almost a decade, wounded by their betrayal and betrayed by your own actions, you thought you found a way out: let’s throw Len and Jon in the same sentence!

I know that you are at the end of the line, but that’s no excuse for your dumb statement: “Each of you are willing to do or say anything to get your spouses elected.” While your pal – Len Bernardo – did everything to get his wife (s)elected, for five years I did everything to expose his dirty deals. Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, you were willing to do everything to “get rid of Manuela.” Does fixing the 2011 Committee vote ring a bell? It should, it was done over the phone…

Please do me a favor, go out and spread the word: “People, listen to me, Len and Jon have the same agenda!” I could see the headlines:


    Jon, speak outside your circle of friends, the statement “Manuela is a caring, intelligent person but Jon…”. Love is blind, how very true. Your tremendous love for your spouse has blinded you to the harm you do to her on a daily basis with this blog. I know you do not do this with malice, you actually think your helping Manuela.

David, you should really start paying attention to what I’m saying. We go back about ten years. Did I ever say anything which proved not to be true? I told you before, I’m telling you now: I do not want Manuela to run for anything, but if she runs, I will fight for her right to do it without interference from bonacics, catalanos, bernardos and ohallorans. Am I clear enough? And please, hold the “love is blind” syrup.

    Manuela is a good candidate, a person willing to serve the Town or County. As a committee member, I will encourage others to look past her connection to you and focus on her tremendous devotion to Rochester and those that live here.

Oh, David! You are willing to do and say anything to get my spouse elected.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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17 Responses to David O’Halloran’s best shot… O’oops!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The only thing that Jon and Len have in common is they both have three letters in their first name. I apologize, two things – David is not happy with either of them right now but that’s short term. Once the political favors (I mean wind) starts blowing in David’s direction from the Bernardos (because Manuela and Jon don’t operate in that fashion) things will change again. David attempts to utilizes or befriend whomever it requires for him to further his own agenda – problem with that is people are starting to see it for themselves.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What goes up must come down. The crooked trio have had their share of success–the time has come for the down. Down with David and his kook aid drinkers. Bye Bye Terry — take your skates to another rink. As for Little Lenny– Fire People are fed up with your stupid rants and need more than beer and hot dogs to get out the vote. Can’t wait to see both mighty “CHAIRS” implode!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how he acts like he wasn’t involved in Len’s admiration, devotion, support and scam to get Terry where she is today.

  4. David O'Halloran says:

    You are a creative artist and very funny. Your Blog poorly represents your actual creative ability and the content often overshadows your humor. Each of your Blog graphics have made me laugh out load! Good work, glad my actions or statements have provided you the creative juices to flourish.

    Again, you need to know the people involved a little better. Example, many times you have said “Manuela makes up her own mind”. I have never questioned that statement and over the years it has been proven to be true. The same can be said about Len & Terry. My influence over them is no greater than my influence over Manuela…none. All (Len, Terry, Manuela & you) kindly listen to my concerns or suggestions, but I never kid myself into believing that kindness is anything more than that. All (Len, Terry, Manuela & you) are smart, well school in politics, players that have their own inner circles which I have never been a privy to. Even when I “officially” ran Len’s campaign for County Executive, I was not included in the “inner circle” and would often find out about things via rumor or press. The same can be said for your United Rochester, we worked together to help get Manuela elected but I was never in your “inner circle”. However, for a time you-Jon, were included in the Rochester GOP inner circle and we accomplished great things together. Unfortunately, it quickly fell apart when Shane & I mistakenly “thanked” you at a victory party. We screwed that up and once we were told of the slight, apologized. It was never accepted by you.

    • Anonymous says:

      ROTFLMFAO! I bet you’ve got a bridge for sale too! You may be able to sell your big pile of horse $h!t to those who believe the facade you hide behind but those who know the truth aren’t buying it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why the attack on the blog writer? He’s exercising his right to free speech. David O’Halloran your dance card is almost empty–that means it is time to GO. We, on the outside, make bets on how stupid you really are. It’s time to go–Take your final curtain call and just go now. As for Manuela and Jon–they chose to become citizens of our most wonderful country. They work hard–have had some ups and downs. Their only fault was following Rochester’s crooks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to see Dave O officially – publicly – outright endorse Manuela and be honest with us and himself.

  7. dukas says:

    In my very limited world of friends, Jon and Manuela are rank amongst the top. They are different in personalities but both have certain traits. Manuela is warm, concerned, sympathetic and honest to a fault, period. Jon is a warrior; he seeks blood, holds grudges, defensive about his family and is honest, period. When Jon and I worked together during United Rochester days, he checked everything I posted to make sure it was factual. Jon is a stickler about facts.

    Study Manuela’s town record, every decision Manuela made, she based on how everyone in town benefited, not the few. She is the perfect Democrat, she is the perfect Republican, I do not mean RINO, she does not seek middle of the road conclusions or owes any favors, she actually does what she thinks is best for everybody. The two times I approached her for minor political assistance, went in one ear and out the other.

    Today, I do not belong to any political party, they all suck around here, but I would vote for Manuela in a heartbeat, not for her politics but for her straight forwardness. Two things I agree with Manuela on is, transparency and honesty, both of which this county direly needs.

    When Catalano made a deal with Len to run three Democrats, who themselves reeked of cronyism, so Lenny could get his wife on the ticket, and any Republican that complained Catalano sent out henchmen to tell them to shut up, my days as a Republican were over. I too hold grudges and will never forgive anyone who had a hand in that stupidity.

    It seemed David overlooked that episode, Jon can attack David for all the Republican shenanigans he wants, but I must defend David on two points.

    First, he ran with the Republican ball when nobody else picked it up, lots of energy and perseverance but would I vote for David for Republican anything, I doubt it.

    The second point is; David has shown great aptitude on the school board. Again, David runs with the ball nobody else had the guts to pick up. He did more in his short time there, then anyone in the twenty years before him. He tackled the budget, he tackled the closings and beyond a doubt, he bucked the statist quo. It is not the best of times and David is very useful as a board member, I shall vote for him there, think about it.

    If you want to replace anybody on the board, Mr. Redmond is a good candidate. I watched Mr. Redmond get elected to the school board eons ago, and any of the board meetings I have attended Mr. Redmond was never there, he thinks of his position as an entitlement, it is not hard to imagine he votes yes on everything and serves no purpose but to greet relatives in the hall. Better to have potential energy than uselessness.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why would Manuela want the endorsement of a crook. A game player. A turn coat. A RINO?

    • dukas says:

      There are only two Parties maybe some day a Liberty Coalition takes root, but now Manuela has to seek one Party or the other. I can only assume when a political refugee lands in this country liberty means a lot and patriotism, in the sense of supporting one’s new country and culture, is a way of expressing thankfulness. I observed how Manuela’s husband finished the solder’s memorial, how she celebrates every military parade, how she honestly enjoys attending every local cultural event, not because of political expedience and despite ridicule and insults.

      It was not Republicans who stood on 209 for all those years screaming against the war with upside down flags, protesting against God and Country, yet where are those protesters now? Wars have not stopped only the modus operandi has changed. Our bullying drones now reign down on countries we are not even at war with; they seek and destroy Americans without due process. The world is explosive, our freedoms have become conditional, and our country’s adhesiveness is being destroyed by special interests.

      Manuela does not want the endorsement of a crook, a game player a turncoat, Manuela seeks the endorsement of Party voters, leadership is temporary. I never asked her about her position on size of government, taxes or social issues. Manuela’s critical position on the absurdity of how cutting out the positions of so many Legislators lead the budget to rise to new heights because of personal paybacks, favouritism and cronyism is well documented. Manuela’s fight against Republican nepotism is pronounced, yet her Party loyalty continues, that’s the way she is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well put and very true! I am proud of Manuela. She is a great role model for all women and young girls!

      • Anonymous says:

        I have voted for Manuela every time she has run. Sometimes knowing that she didn’t have much chance of winning. The reason is simple. She is honest and trustworthy. The other choices were not. This year seems to be no different. Eventually I would hope that the parties would realize that what they are offering is not what we need or want.

      • Anonymous says:

        2:26, the biggest problem is they do not care about what we want or need. They only care about what they want or need, what they will gain, if they will be able to control or manipulate the candidate if elected and how it will further their own wants and needs.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I will also vote for Manuela. She made a difference in the town and she will also make a difference in the County.

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