David O’Halloran speaks out of both sides of his mouth

Dump David O'Halloran and Terry Bernardo

This is a very small sampler of David O’Halloran’s contradictory statements, most of them made less than a week apart:

“Terry Bernardo is a small business owner and will take good care of taxpayer dollars. She is responsible and capable and has earned our support.”
“Len & Terry are despicable people without convictions, ethics or any sense of integrity.”

“Please accept my resignation as Vice Chair to the Ulster County Republican Committee effective April 8, 2013… I will not be influenced or lead by political leaders outside of Ulster County nor minority party leaders within Ulster County.”
“I stepped down because I was told that several members of the Legislature, including Chairwoman Terry Bernardo, said they would abstain from voting on the VLT issue to avoid any appearance of impropriety.”

Manuela is a good candidate, a person willing to serve the Town or County. As a committee member, I will encourage others to focus on her tremendous devotion to Rochester and those that live here.
I’m on the committee and the only reason I know Manuela’s running: to beat Terry.

You are all welcome to critique my chairmanship of the Rochester GOP Committee but it is hard to argue with our committee results. Currently we have 3 candidates for District 21…
Do I care who wins or loses. NO! Truth, I would rather vote for none. Terry is nuts, Manuela is vengeful, John is unknown. Anyone of them good for Rochester? Doubtful. Hopefully a better candidate will emerge.

I started to look for your newspaper facts but your site makes me sick. One man, harboring such ill will towards others is just horrible.
My shame, I allowed Bernardos’ reign to grow because personal pride: having previously invested vast political capital in Len, I was too concerned of my political status. So no problem with your negative Blog posts, they are well deserved…post away.

Oh, David! Stop it, you rascal! You’re making us dizzy…

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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2 Responses to David O’Halloran speaks out of both sides of his mouth

  1. Anonymous says:

    You could probably go back years with this post, this isn’t new behavior – it’s classic from him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s a third place he talks out of, but this is a family blog so I will leave it to the readers’ imagination.

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