David O’Halloran. Glenn Noonan. Strange bedfellows…

Dump David O'Halloran and Terry Bernardo

Cliché or not, politics makes strange bedfellows. Look for yourself. Here are the last three comments posted by Glenn Noonan on this blog after receiving a call from David O’Halloran. Say it ain’t so, then let’s compare phone records.

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/04/28
    One thing David is correct about is stop throwing the stones tell us what Manuela wants to do and will do or at least try for the people of Rochester. We all hate the Bernardos and hope they go back to where they came from now that the damage is done. But lets look to the future and tell us why MANUELA?
    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/05/06
    Jon I think David is right you can chase him after the elections. I have a lot of faith in Manuela and think she would do the town great, BUT If I had a vote I would vote for Dawson. Terry is a nightmare. My fear would be everything is so negative that to bring that to Kingston does not help. The next legislature has a lot of fixing to do but it has to be positive and I do not see that here. Really a shame that Rochester gets deprived a great community asset because of the anger.
    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/05/10
    I am sorry to see Manuela getting out of politics in Rochester, she would of been good for the community. But I guess this blog is like political suicide, so I guess she is done. What a loss for Rochester.

Knowing the original source, I was amused – more or less – by number one and two, but number three crossed the line. Why on earth would Glenn Noonan spread such a fabricated rumor? What do you say, Glenn? Now that you are “sorry to see Manuela getting out of politics in Rochester,” how about you just being sorry, period. You should have known by now that I don’t care for games. Enjoy your older comments:

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/04/24
    Kevin Cothren would be a great board member. O’Halloran remember was to good to even send his kids to the school so why would anyone want him on the school board?

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/04/22
    The State Attorney General knows all about Rochester, it is just not a big enough fish for them. They already have one in court from the BOE. Next watch Turco – could be the next one and all the TOR crooks will walk away.

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/04/19
    Just think maybe 2 birds one stone. Terry get the nomination Dave quits. Terry gets her ass beat by a Democrat and maybe takes Chipman with her. A win-win.

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/04/18
    I hear David lied and brought his own neighbor in to replace Manuela. Terry lied said she will now support VLT and change her ways. So nothing was done. Is there something in the water in Rochester to prevent the truth or do we just put all the lying, crooked wannabe politicians in one town

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/04/11
    O’Halloran is just simple out for himself. Bernardos are simple out for their egos. The root of the problem come from Bonacic – he started this fiasco, then left town. The state should be taking a close look at him, look at his financial – all gaming money! Chapman, LOL, I thought might disappear when Twinkies stopped production, but with all the money he is the henchman for King John. Cuomo wants to do something? Start right here in Ulster County.

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/04/08
    O’Halloran was part of the problem. A BIG part; now it affects his pocketbook and he bails out. What a self centered snob. Don’t trust him!

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/03/21
    7:41 right on they use all and everyone they can for their own persoal gain. Something like O’Halloran does

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/03/19
    I smell something funny over in Rochester Dunn is tight with O’Halloran. The Rochester group is trying to control the county. The problem they have is they have nothing to offer. The rest of the county will pay O’Halloran, Bernardo and anyone else on the gravy train.

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/03/17
    David’s only out for the money he could care less about the people.

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/03/17
    From years ago I remember Troy as an outstanding man who would be a great asset to the people he would represent. As long as he stays away from the dirt in the town, i.e. Bernardo, O’Halloran, etc.

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/03/10
    Hey Jon how about we all go on the Trip Advisor website and do a review for Pinegrove Ranch. Maybe that will help poor Dave so he doesn’t need to take Lens payoff

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/03/10
    Clawback might not be in their dictionary but look up CORRUPTION- It says Rochester NY Bernardo and O’Halloran.

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/03/10
    O’Halloran should be replaced as welll. HE is costing the taxpayers money by not enforcing the contract. And what about the poor sportsdome in Milton? It got screwed and no one went to bat for them. Where is Gerentine? Still trying to figure out where 39% tax increase went?

    Glenn Noonan / / Submitted on 2013/03/06
    Mr O’Halloran the chair of the Board also chair of the IDA that cover for Bernardo own personal bank.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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7 Responses to David O’Halloran. Glenn Noonan. Strange bedfellows…

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is all very interesting – someone must have slipped O’Halloran’s kool-aid into Noonan’s cocktail. It appears that this kool-aid induced stupor can cause amnesia because Noonan seems to have forgotten all the players involved in pulling his political plug. Noonan dabbled in their political manipulative game as a wiling participant, didn’t allow himself to be fully consumed by it, played it when he felt his politic career was threatened and in the end became a target and a casualty of their game. Noonan is getting back into the game since the key players have turned on each other for what? To try to revive his political career? I’m not sure which is more pathetic: Noonan trying to use the same game and players that stomped him out, attempting to revive a political career that rigor mortis has already set in or O’Halloran’s desperation of building his new dream team that he is recruiting political throwaways.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hateful comments, sleazy political games and back stabbing of friends. How is it supposed to change or get any better if this is what all of our politicians are involved in. I can’t remember how many times I have heard “he or she is not electable” That is because we ACCEPT out current way of politics as normal. I think it is time all of us to think outside the box, elect people that are actually in the running to do good for our Town and County.

  3. Anonymous says:

    noonan lives in newburgh or poughkeepsie– whats he doing in rochester politics—their is no brewery their

    • Anonymous says:

      Because “refreshments” are often served at the Rochester Republican events. That is how they keep ’em coming and control the masses.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When are the voters going to smarten up and get rid of all of the political clowns?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Glenn Noonan is a nice man with a lovely family. Hope he runs for Legislative office again. He gave more of himself and did more for our county than most.

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