Who’s Who

Dump David O'Halloran and Terry Bernardo

Can you match the people above with the words below?

Dump David O'Halloran and Terry Bernardo
Players play to win. They study the rules. They estimate their chances. They size up their opponents. They evaluate their strengths and their weaknesses. They plan out their strategy. They calculate their moves. When the odds are not in their favor, they bluff. They manipulate appearances to create the illusion of strength. They are clever rather than courageous, witty rather than wise, prudent rather than passionate, doubtful rather than hopeful, cynical rather than optimistic, diplomats with golden tongues rather than warriors with golden swords. They are master image makers, master pretenders.

Dump David O'Halloran and Terry Bernardo
Heroes are not players. Heroes see the game and want to know: Why? They know they have a choice: to play, or not to play. If the game is twisted and the outcome mad, they have the courage to say “I will not do this.” Their choice proves to everyone that everyone has choices. Anyone can choose to stop or change the rules or make up a different game. For heroes see beyond the game. And what they see has meaning. Without their vision and courage, everyone’s board would be empty, every move pointless, every game worthless.


The two paragraphs above are reproduced from the book Subterranean Towers:
A Father-Daughter Story
by Irina Eremia Bragin.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How revealing !

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