Supervisor Chipman endorses Lynn Archer for Legislator

Lynn Archer’s candidacy for Ulster County Legislator elicits bittersweet feelings from me. I’ve had the privilege of working with her on Town of Rochester’s Town Board for nearly six years and must admit that I feel a sense of loss from her moving on to serve the people of our town at the county level. Lynn has impressed me with her strong work ethic to serve all of the people of our town regardless of partisan persuasion.

I consider Lynn to be a fiscal conservative as she has always attempted to protect the pocketbooks of the taxpayers of our town and I think she will do the same at the county level. I could always count on Lynn to bring a level-headed approach using good old fashioned common sense to the table as we have tried to serve the needs of our community. I also think that Lynn Archer’s priorities are in order as I’ve seen her place the safety of our residents at the top of the list. I saw that when she introduced waiving the permit fee for wood stoves back in 2008 to ensure that people were safely installing their wood stoves.

I’ve been extremely fortunate as Supervisor to have worked with such an amazing group of people serving on our Town Board and Lynn has been such a huge part of this experience. We have worked together to do the best we can to serve the people of our town without regard to our respective partisan affiliations. At the same time I have seen petty bickering and partisan politics stymie cooperative efforts at the county level. We desperately need cooperation instead of partisan posturing at the county level and I am extremely confident that Lynn will bring leadership in that effort. As much as I will miss Lynn at our table in the Town of Rochester, I support her candidacy for Ulster County Legislator and eagerly look forward to working with her as our county legislator as we try to serve the needs of our community.

Carl Chipman
Town of Rochester

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4 Responses to Supervisor Chipman endorses Lynn Archer for Legislator

  1. Anonymous says:

    Say what you want about Carl, but one thing you cannot question is his courage. Publicly supporting a friend and Town Board member over Rochester Royalty, that takes guts. If you know the Bernardos, then you know they never forgive or forget. Carl will pay for his support of Lynn, but he’s a big boy and knew that before endorsing the right woman.

  2. dukas says:

    Kudos to Carl, he certainly has turned out to be quite the champ. Many whom I respect also say good things about Lynn; unfortunately, she carries the Democratic Party’s myopic over-packed baggage that is even heavier than the local dysfunctional Republican Party. Of course there is the inbred Conservatives or the misnomer Independence, cross party deal making stinks of corruption because it usually is.
    I don’t know if the Liberty Coalition exists as a party line but decent people like Carl and Lynn, need to find a decent home.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that Zali Win did not send Carl’s endorsement letter out to all the members of the Rochester Residents email list. Zali is in a hard spot, Democratic Chairman and Editor for Rochester Residents – all the while best buds of Len & Terry Bernardo. Lynn deserves better.

  4. tired of present political games says:

    Way to go Carl!!!….having the courage to endorse Lynn!!…as far as him being best buds with the Bernardo’s…I beg to differ….they have ruined that “friendship” well as many other’s by being spiteful and dishonest on many issue’s…I am willing to give Lynn a chance to do the right thing and being a professional in all aspects of this political race….Lynn don’t let us down!!!….the people need you!!!

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