County Exec Mike Hein endorses Lynn Archer for Legislator

The people of Ulster County and the people of the 21st District deserve effective results-oriented leadership. As County Executive, I have made that the cornerstone of my administration. Lynn Archer is a smart, hard working, long time member of the community who will be a phenomenal representative as a County Legislator.

The people of Rochester have the right to demand better leadership in the Legislature and Lynn Archer will deliver results as we reduce taxes and improve government. So, on November 5th, 2013, I urge you to vote for Lynn Archer for Ulster County Legislator.

Michael Hein
Ulster County Executive

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1 Response to County Exec Mike Hein endorses Lynn Archer for Legislator

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hein hates Bernardo, Hein hates Cahill, How effective is Hein when he doesn’t work with these people for the benefit of Ulster County? If Hein doesn’t like you, he doesn’t talk to you. Ask Cahill & Bernardo

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