From a bunch of signs from Bunch (3)

Dump Terry Bernardo

All are great occupations and something to be proud of, but why does Mr. Bunch not refer to himself as a correction officer? At all of his public appearances and in his advertising he refers to his occupation as the generic term “peace officer” instead of his actual title of correction officer. Is he ashamed of it? I believe this is a great disservice to all those who serve as COs in our community. I appreciate what they deal with daily and thank them for their service.

Carl Chipman
Supervisor, Town of Rochester

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2 Responses to From a bunch of signs from Bunch (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Carl, Peace Officer is now the title. The Dept of Corrections has changed under the Cuomo Admin. to the New York State Dept of Corrections and Community Services. Inmates now are titled ‘Offenders. You should refer to NYDOCS directives, similar to Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT, etc are now first responders. Using the term peace officer is correct. You can Thank Mr Cuomo

  2. Valerie Thompson Comey says:

    Apparently Carl Chipman doesn’t do his homework before he speaks or acts. He allowed a not for profit to build on a piece of property that would otherwise have an $8000 tax bill. Not only is he screwing the community where this is being built, but the entire Town of Rochester, as this will effectively increase everyone else’s tax bill to make up the difference. I will vote for the Peace Officer for the simple fact that he is NOT Carl Chipman!

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