From a bunch of signs from Bunch (4)

Dump Terry Bernardo

Councilwoman Archer was presented with a resolution written by Councilman Spano in support of our Second Amendment Rights with less than 5 minutes before the start of a board meeting. She had not had a chance to read the resolution so she was being asked to approve a resolution she did not have time to review. Councilwoman Archer being as prudent as she is did not want to vote for or against a resolution which she did not have sufficient time to read and understand.

Lemmings follow blindly usually to their own demise and thankfully she isn’t a lemming. Just remember what happened in Nazi Germany with the populace and Adolf Hitler. Lynn is an independent thinker who uses due diligence in her decision making process and I respect her for that. We need more people in government like this and less knee-jerk reactionaries – like the author of this sign – who blindly follow down the path he is led by self-serving leaders filled with narcissism. Just another reason to vote for Lynn Archer.

Carl Chipman
Supervisor, Town of Rochester

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