Tiny Tim vs. Red Man

Dump Terry Bernardo

Dump Terry Bernardo

Dump Terry Bernardo

Dump Terry Bernardo

Mr. Bunch, I know you’re anxious to see what the red man with a shaking head has to say, so here you go:

You misspelled “car salesman.” The correct spelling is “Chief Executive Officer of the Town of Rochester for the last six years, President of the Ulster County Association of Town Supervisors and Village Mayors.” I know it takes a lot of paint, but hey, nobody said life is easy…

Dump Terry Bernardo

So, Mr. Bunch, how are you going to stop your friends from voting for Carl Chipman? Are you going to shoot them?

Dump Terry Bernardo

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6 Responses to Tiny Tim vs. Red Man

  1. Anonymous says:

    Want a laugh. Go to Mr. Bunch’s website. So many misspellings. And such an agenda of issues the Town Supervisor and Board have nothing to do with. Guns, County, and State issues. Maybe Mr. Bunch should have run for an office that could actually do something about those things. Like county Legislator. Or Assemblyman. Or Senator. I’m so glad he has all the answers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tim is a good guy, that is being manipulated by “friends” . Unfortunately, those pushing him on, do not have Tim’s best interest in mind. The Bernardo’s are trying to use Tim to dirty Carl, thereby discrediting Carl’s endorsement of Lynn. Tim, is just what our town needs, young family candidates willing to serve. He is not ready for Supervisor but would be a good candidate for town board.

    • Cut the crap! Tim Bunch is the last thing our town needs. Somebody without a mind of his own is never a good candidate. He might be willing to serve, but he is not equipped to serve. He is equipped to take orders from people like you and Bernardos. One more time, cut the crap! You want to influence the Town Board, run for a seat. Did I mention “cut the crap?”

  3. Anonymous says:

    6:20, you’re absolutely right! A “good guy” does not allow to be manipulated, especially after is made aware of the manipulation. A “young family candidate” who keeps on lying to get votes is not a good example for his own kids. Somebody who never listens to arguments is not a good candidate for town board. Somebody who unfairly calls an entire town board “dirty” – and hates the current Town and State leaders – has no place on any leadership team. Tim Bunch does not want to unite Rochester. Tim Bunch is a divider.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No one would want to serve on a board with someone so mis-informed. He would be a huge embarrassment for Rochester.

  5. Carl Chipman says:

    5:59, You certainly sound like David O’Haloran. Tim Bunch’s profile certainly looks good as did Len and Terry Bernardo’s when they first ran for office with your support. You, me, and a lot of other people had the wool pulled over our eyes and look at the mess we are in. The Republican Party at the local level up to the county is in shambles. We study history so that we can learn from our past mistakes. So let us not support someone based on his profile of being a young family man and instead look deeper into the quality of his character.

    You are correct that Mr. Bunch was manipulated to be an attack puppy against me to damage me in order to discredit the quality of my endorsement of Lynn Archer. Bunch was easy to manipulate as the Bernardo’s played to his ultra conservative intolerant leanings and fed his ego at the same time. I spoke with many people who know him well by working and doing business with him and they seem to think that he thinks he has the answers to everything. A common complaint I heard was that he does not seem to listen to the differing viewpoints of others and that his is the only way of looking at things. Doesn’t that sound a lot like his buddy “Let me tell you something” Len Bernardo?

    Many people tried to sway Mr. Bunch to run for a council seat but Mr. Bunch would not have anything to do with that. He thought he knew everything and had all of the answers so he should go right for supervisor. The fact that I perform wedding ceremonies for same sex couples and the fact that I did not support Terry Bernardo’s dog and pony show at the UPAC to do a memorializing resolution against the Safe Act were also contributing factors. The combination of
    Bernardo pumping him full of lies and his own inability to grasp the issues of importance to the Town led him to run a negative campaign filled with falsehoods and personal attacks. Tim Bunch shelved his self purported “Christian values” in order to run an ugly campaign against me. Somehow he believed that the end justified the unchristian-like means. If this is how he runs a campaign, then how would he run a town? Leopards don’t change their spots.

    The problem with an attack puppy like Tim is that he will grow up to be a dog. A “Bernardo Attack Dog” (BAD) elected to any position in the Town of Rochester would be BAD for our community. If it wasn’t Bernardo pulling his strings, would it be you or someone else. I agree that the interests of young families must be represented at the table but let us elect young independent (Not INDEPENDENCE!) thinkers to serve unfettered with the strings of special interests.

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