UC Legislature Chair John Parete has only six inches left to live


On January 7, 2014 Ulster County Legislature had its organizational meeting.

I was there.

I saw two legislators wasting their breath trying to make a bunch of political animals think twice before they sell their souls for some elusive short-term gain.

This is what happened:
Because his father is his hero, Legislator Richard Parete nominated him for the Chairmanship of Ulster County Legislature. The hero won 13 (10 Republicans + 2 Paretes + Dave Donaldson) to 10 (the rest of the Democratic majority).

Here is what you need to know, clearly explained by Legislator Provenzano:
The hero did not seek the chairmanship. The battle was initiated by the Republican minority who found in John Parete a renegade Democrat.


It’s a known fact that Len Bernardo masterminded the ascension of John Parete. In 2012 Len Bernardo bought for his wife a well written speech. Yesterday Len Bernardo left his buddy to his own devices. So, John Parete – apparently a show and tell aficionado – produced a tailor’s measuring tape and announced the audience that he has only six inches to live. A bungled metaphor to be sure, followed by the 72-year old’s disquieting promise that he will behave for the remaining six inches.

Len Bernardo supports John Parete with a vengeance, even after the plan succeeded:

Dump Len Bernardo

As you see, Len calls Lynn Archer a partisan because she voted for Hector Rodriguez, a Democrat. Isn’t Parete also a Democrat? Len, you’re such an idiot!

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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4 Responses to UC Legislature Chair John Parete has only six inches left to live

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jon, as usual, your prediction was correct 🙂 too bad for the County though 😦

  2. Anonymous says:

    Len is going to be disappointed when John appoints Dave Donaldson for Vice chair, isn’t he the one that said nasty things about his wife, what’s her name?? Dave is telling everyone he will be Vice Chair, just another example of how stupid Republicans really are. this is the John Parete that led the investigation from information provided by Paul VanBlacum to him about the $100 million dollar jail debacle, this is the John Parete that took Rich Gerrentine and Ward Todd to the public whipping by a summons to appear before his son Rich and others. I can’t wait to see what happens next with this group of self purpose people. Fight Mike Hein is all they can think about, so stupid.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can we have some “Most stupid of Ulster County” certificates? Ten should be ordered asap for the so-called “Republican” legislators.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How ironic. Just noticed who is grinning in the left corner of your photo. Still, they’re haunting us all.

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