The Independence Party stands for nothing

Dump Len Bernardo

From the article Nassau Dem Chair To Gov Candidates: Reject Indy Party Line (on State of Politics, a Time Warner Cable News blog):

    Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs is calling on the Democratic and Republican nominees for governor to refuse to run on the state Independence Party line in hopes that it will lose the ballot position that provides its leaders with what Jacobs called “oversized and undue clout.”

    “The fact that the Independence Party genuinely stands for nothing, supports virtually no political activity and appears to exist only for the financial benefit of its leadership, while distasteful, does not necessarily lead us to take action against it. It is the corrupt activities by its leadership that, I believe, have crossed that line,” Jacobs wrote in a letter to state Democratic Party co-chairs Keith Wright and Stephanie Miner.

    “Dealing with this corrupt party requires no change in the law – only political courage. I urge the State Committee to work toward an agreement whereby the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor mutually and jointly agree that they will not accept the Independence Party’s nomination.”

    If both the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor reject the the Independence Party line, it could end up all but starving the organization out of existence. If a party’s gubernatorial candidate does not receive at least 50,000 votes on its ballot line every four years, it loses its official status – not to mention its relevance.

Please read for yourself Jay Jacobs’ letter on Indy Party:


For more elucidating stuff on the Independence Party’s shenanigans and its destructive effect – via Len Bernardo – on Ulster County politics, please see my previous post Independence Party must die!

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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3 Responses to The Independence Party stands for nothing

  1. Anonymous says:

    I firmly believe that people believe that the Independence Party is a democratic agenda!.but in reality it is socialist agenda.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We should all read again – from the actual letter – the paragraphs about Rick Bellando, the leader of the Nassau County Indy Party… Only 3.45% of the money they spent went towards any political activity; more than 80% went to Bellando, his employer’s Oheka Castle and to his party boss in Albany, MacKay!

    Bellando, Bernardo… no difference! Bernardo’s priority as Ulster County Independence Party Chair (appointed by MacKay) was to benefit himself and his wife by making sure she gets elected Legislator, on the path to become Legislature’s Chairwoman… Thanks God this part of the nightmare is over!

  3. Anonymous says:

    We have to admit, Len Bernardo is a genius in his own way! He found the right party and the right location, both perfectly matching his manipulating, self-serving skills, his personality traits, and his sick desire for power. Pity the fool, and pity the fool’s wife.

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