Golden Hill – before and after…

Ulster County Legislature

I’m quoting below from a Daily Freeman article by Patricia Doxsey.
The chosen paragraphs describe the privatizing of Golden Hill Nursing Home:

Ulster County Legislature

    “Ulster County Executive Michael Hein announced plans to sell the county-owned facility in October 2011, which was met with outrage from residents, family members, employees and county legislators who accused the county executive of selling out its seniors and warned that conditions at the nursing home would go down hill.

    As county legislators grappled with whether to go along with the plan, protests were staged outside the County Office Building, which sometimes included residents who had been bussed to the County Office Building by Golden Hill employees.”

Ulster County Legislature

    “By all accounts, the concerns and fears that surrounded the debate over whether the county should sell its nursing home to a profit-making company, have proven to be unfounded.

    In fact, Ken Hyatt, the head of the facility’s Residents’ Council, said that in some cases, conditions have markedly improved under VestraCare, the company that purchased the 280-bed facility.

    “The food is improved remarkably. They have a meeting once a month with residents about what they’re getting and what they would like to get,” Hyatt said.

    He said the new owners have also increased the number of occupational and physical therapists over staffing levels under county ownership, and the cleanliness of the building – which had been a source of pride by the county – has also improved.”

All’s well that ends well, but it pisses me off that not one among those fighting against selling the nursing home has stood up and said “I was wrong.”

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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3 Responses to Golden Hill – before and after…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ask the (former county) Employees how they feel. I am sure life is just rosy for them as they spend their food stamps.

  2. bubbaband says:

    What about the less financially able folks?
    Can they still get into the Facility?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Freeman article spells out the truth: “protests were staged outside the County Office Building, which sometimes included residents who had been bussed to the County Office Building by Golden Hill employees.” Not only the staging was outrageous, but also the behavior of some nursing home employees; one could not agree – by applauding – with a speaker favoring privatization without being booed and even – as I saw it with my eyes – kicked.

    Legislators opposed to selling spoke shamelessly about their relatives living at Golden Hill as being the sufficient reason to keep the status quo. A nursing home employee (currently legislator Belfiglio’s wife) threatened candidates running that year and assured them that no one who’s for privatization is going to win. I only have horrible memories from those public comment legislative sessions.

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