He’s back! Not that he ever went away!

NO to Casino!

Nevele gets its face back is the headline of an article published today on Capitol Confidential website. I learned about it thanks to a friend of this blog who commented on
What did you expect? Mother Theresa?

    “Claremont Partners, which is planning the Nevele resort and casino project, said that it conducted an in-house review of the Treanor incident. Calling it “a long-ago resolved private family matter,” the partners said Treanor will resume day-to-day operations of the entity that is seeking a gaming license for the Nevele.”

I love “in-house” reviews because you always know the results beforehand. Sarcasm off.

I’ll be watching to see what Mike Hein, the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce, and other knee-jerkers are going to do with all that support withdrawn from Michael Treanor.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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5 Responses to He’s back! Not that he ever went away!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for Hein to even comment. At least Parete has the balls to say what he thinks. Hein on the other hand is unavailable for comment, and when and if there is a comment from his office, it will come from one of his staffers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hein and Treanor stacked the deck to make sure Ulster County had only one Casino proposal. Sullivan & Orange have 5 each, if Trainor wasn’t dirty, our odds would be less than 10%. We need a plan B, obviously plan A was flushed down the drain by Traenor.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hein knew about this dirtbag because Treanor himself told Judge Mary Work during proceedings and his Ecomonic Development guru March Gallagher was in the courtroom when he disclosed. If you think that she did not run up that flight of stairs and barge into Hein’s office and tell him, you are on another planet.
    Hein has surrounded himself with yes men and women. He had no clue that at some point someone might just say no to him or things would not go his way. He never thought that the Nevele would not be chosen, not for a minute. It is the same reason he had such problems with Cahill. Ego, narcissism, and hubris. And who pays for his flawed personality? Every citizen of Ulster County, especially those in the Ellenville area that need Hein’s help the most.

  4. Cory Newton says:

    The problem with Mr. Treanor is “He did test positive for cocaine twice during the first year of the probationary period, according to court papers.”


    What would happen to a person from Ellenville on probation who tested positive for cocaine….Twice?

  5. Anonymous says:

    The silence from the County Executive’s office is deafening. When will people realize what an absolute scumbag Mike Hein is? He has so many people fooled that he is this tax cutter when the reality is he cut 1/3rd of the workforce, sold the nursing home and that $10 million a year expense, closed buildings from one end of the county to the other. our taxes have not gone down and all the while he hasn’t reduced spending at all.

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