Strange bedfellows: Terry Bernardo and Kevin Cahill

Stop Terry and Len Bernardo

Here is the first paragraph from Disloyalty chimes should be ringing!, posted today on the Liberty Coalition blog:

    “Somebody call the GOP disloyalty police because we’ve got a real winner here. What’s that you say? Terry Bernardo, former Legislator, former Legislature Chairwoman and also a member of the Ulster County Republican Committee representing the Town of Rochester, carried a petition this year for the Independence Party on behalf of her pal and cohort Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, a Democrat. I wonder how Kevin Roberts, Ulster County Legislator and Republican candidate for the 103rd Assembly District, feels about this.”

Rochester Republicans

While Liberty Coalition correctly underscores Terry Bernardo’s disloyalty to the Republican Party, I would like to stress her total lack of character.

I reported on Terry Bernardo, unhinged in March 2013:

    “On the way to the pro-gun rally in Albany, the buses that started the trip at Accord Fire House made a ten minutes pick up stop at Macy’s parking lot in the Hudson Valley Mall. Ten minutes were more than enough for Terry Bernardo to give a soap box performance. Probably in the spirit of non-partisanship touted in her 2012 inaugural speech, she decided that everybody’s got to go – unless they subscribe to her borrowed views.”

Besides Governor Cuomo and Legislator Wishnick, Terry also targeted Assemblyman Kevin Cahill:

Dump Terry Bernardo

Terry Bernardo – a registered Republican and GOP Committeewoman – circulating petitions on behalf of Kevin Cahill (D) – after she vehemently called for his replacement! – is just a sample of sickening Ulster County politics.

Please read another paragraph from Terry Bernardo, unhinged:

    “The most disgusting move – against Legislator Kenneth Wishnick (D-New Paltz) – started with asking the mini-crowd “Did you read Wishnick’s letter in yesterday’s Freeman?” and continued with “anyone here from New Paltz?” “find another candidate!” and “he’s got to go.” Funny, isn’t it, considering that Wishnick was her most valuable ally just a few weeks back. All legislators in cahoots with Bernardo should pay attention.”

Can you hear me now, Kevin Roberts?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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4 Responses to Strange bedfellows: Terry Bernardo and Kevin Cahill

  1. Anonymous says:

    Obviously Terry and Len smell Kevin Cahill’s victory. The other Kevin, the Republican one, better withdraws from the race before wasting time and money, before ruining whatever reputation he has left, if any…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Terry’s betraying everybody here – the Republican party, fellow committee members, former “friends” Kevin Roberts and Susan Zimet, Cahill’s Democratic challenger in the September primary. Yes, Jon is right, it’s a question of character and she got none.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think the answer is simple. If you have a line on the ballot, you have to put up your OWN candidate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bernardo is done with elected politics so what does she have to lose? Cahill will win, I think we can all agree on that. She may as well back a winner.

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