Carl Chipman – just another dirty deals addict

Carl Chipman
Future Town Board members Tavi Cilenti, Manuela Michailescu and Carl Chipman before wining in the 2007 election. They served together for four years. Tavi Cilenti was elected for another term 1n 2011, while Manuela Michailescu was blocked from running by David O’Halloran’s shenanigans (that’s how Brian Drunkin Drabkin joined the Town Board). At the end of Manuela’s term – saying “I love her dearly” – Chipman praised her “dedicated service” on a Town Board which “has done amazing things in four years.”
Carl Chipman

Fast forward…

    “…I’m sick and tired of all the rumors and suggestions from various factions ever since Tavi decided to buy property in Tennessee. If Tavi Cilenti resigns, we will advertise and interview applicants for the open seat… We need less concern for power and influence in our community and more concern as to making our town a better place to live, work, and play.”
    Carl Chipman

Below is a selection of Chipman’s memorable words (highlighted in red) followed by my snarky remarks.

Carl Chipman
Former Councilwoman Manuela Michailescu let Chipman know that she would apply for the seat vacated by Tavi Cilenti. Chipman to Manuela: “It’s not worth the fight.”

Excuse me? If you, Chipman, “will advertise and interview applicants for the open seat” as you said you’d do, what fight were you talking about? Unless you already had a dirty deal lined up…

Carl Chipman
Chipman to Manuela: “I don’t want you to be humiliated.”

Meaning what? Meaning that Manuela shouldn’t apply because you, Chipman, already knew who’s going to be appointed long before applications were submitted? Because you already had the dirty deal lined up?

Carl Chipman
Chipman to Manuela: “Your husband is your handicap!”

Beg your pardon? You, Carl Chipman, little male chauvinist pig, you just confessed that you are judging Manuela by her husband (that would be me). Funny, I was not a handicap when you drank my beer for a few years… I was not a handicap when I helped you to get elected Supervisor… I was not a handicap when I designed the Veterans Park… I was not a handicap on November 4, 2013 when I posted on this blog your bunch of replies to Tim Bunch’s signs along Route 209… But I am a handicap now that you and your cohorts are required to appoint somebody on merit? You, Carl Chipman, couldn’t wait to consume your dirty deal, could you?

Carl Chipman
The day before the interviews, Chipman called our house to tell Manuela that “the interviews start at 5 instead of 5:30 to accommodate Cindy Fornino; then it’s you, then Cliff Mallery.” Naturally, Manuela asked “Shouldn’t be in alphabetical order”?
Chipman to Manuela: “There is no ‘should be’ in this!”

Really, Cocky? Could you articulate the reason why the alphabetical order was not acceptable?

Carl Chipman
Chipman to Manuela: “I’m not doing what they’ve done in the past…”

Chipman, you got that right! Last time there was a vacant seat on the Town Board, Pam Duke’s administration appointed Lynn Archer – an intelligent, accomplished woman from their Party – to replace Alex Miller. Your dirty deal does not allow for similarities.

Carl Chipman
Chipman to Manuela: “Each one on the board has a favorite among applicants.”

It sounds good, but… Carl Chipman, how exactly did you learn that, and more importantly, are you sure?

Carl Chipman
Chipman to Manuela: “The Dems want Toby Stover.”

Hold on a sec! You just said that each of the four councilpersons has a favorite among the four applicants. There are two Democrats on the Town Board and they want Toby? Chipman, your math is defective.

Carl Chipman
Chipman to Manuela: “Manuela, you are my favorite but not always the best qualified person gets the job… Look at the Department of Justice, do we have there the most qualified person?”

What the heck was that? Was Carl Chipman trying to justify his dirty deal with the idiotic excuse “it’s being done?”

Carl Chipman
Chipman to Manuela: “It’s not only about the application, it’s about personality, how one does in the interview, we have the interviews now, we’ll see…”

No way Carl Chipman said this with a straight face. After he read the applications, all of a sudden the appointment hinges on personality?

Carl Chipman
Chipman to Manuela: “Brian Drabkin hates you for I don’t know what incident you had at the Christmas party”

Come again? Town of Rochester Supervisor Carl Chipman prepares former Councilwoman Manuela Michailescu for the outcome of a future vote by announcing that Councilman Brian Drabkin hates her for “I don’t know what incident.” Chipman, that’s what I call leadership! You have a hater on the Town Board and you cater to him. Watch the news my friend, people lost their jobs for much less than that.

As for Brian Drabkin, he hates everybody with an education. Manuela Michailescu – with her two Master’s Degrees – is a natural target. Brain-damaged by a lifetime of drinking, Brian Drabkin can’t even recall the “Christmas party incident.” As detailed in Holiday spirits in Drabkinland, the situation had absolutely nothing to do with Manuela.

Carl Chipman
Chipman’s desperate attempt to justify a done deal pissed me off, so I’ve asked Manuela to hand me the phone. Here is the ensuing conversation (minus my generous sprinkling with four-letter niceties):

    jdm: Carl, did you read all the applications?

    Carl Chipman: Yes.

    jdm: Who do you think is best qualified?

    Carl Chipman: Manuela.

    jdm: Are you going to vote for Manuela?

    Carl Chipman: I will.

    jdm: Are you going to share your opinion with the Town Board members?

    Carl Chipman: It doesn’t work that way.

    jdm: Why? Because you only think about your ballot lines? Because covering your ass is everything you do? You’ll be surprised to learn how many people think enough is enough, how many people think it’s time for you to go!

    Carl Chipman: Bye!

Chipman should have saved the “bye” for after next year’s elections, methinks.

Carl Chipman
Knowing that Carl Chipman is not to be trusted, I foiled the applications and, for the sake of transparency touted by dear leader, I posted them in Shhh!… Everybody knows…. To see the applications for yourself, click on the names below.

Cindy Fornino
William C. Mallery
Manuela Michailescu
Toby Stover

I’m not sure you have the time to read Manuela Michailescu’s 9-page application, but you must take a look at this:

Carl Chipman

Nobody speaks English anymore?

Carl Chipman
The Town Board unanimously appointed Cindy Fornino to a four-month stint as Councilwoman. Carl Chipman is assured of the Conservative line in next year’s elections. Did I mention that Gerry Fornino, Cindy’s husband, is the Chairman of the Rochester Conservative Party?

Carl Chipman
At the staged GOP Caucus, the Conservative-registered Cindy Fornino won the Republican ballot line. In her speech she mentioned her biggest achievement: “Last week I was unanimously appointed to the Town Board.”

At the staged GOP Caucus, Carl Chipman not only did not vote for Manuela, but he brought the whole Chipman team to vote for Cindy Fornino. That’s none of my business, except that – not long ago – Mama Chipman made this unsolicited declaration: “Manuela, if you ever run again, doesn’t matter for what office, I’ll vote for you!” Apparently, lying is hereditary.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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11 Responses to Carl Chipman – just another dirty deals addict

  1. dukas says:

    It is interesting how such a little incident like this can bring so much to light. It certainly has become clear that the aphrodisiac of power is very similar to the ego enhancement of cocaine, morality only serves that which they prescribe. Why does no one seem to understand that it is how they walk their life path, is how at the end they shall be judged. The end justifies the means is such corruptive hogwash, nothing but a convoluted piece of Marxist propaganda.
    Morality meaning ‘goodness’ and ‘manner of character’ is attested from 1590’s.

    “Where there is no free agency there can be no morality. Where there is no temptation, there can be little claim to virtue.
    Where the routine is rigorously proscribed by law, the law, and not the man, must have the credit of the conduct.”
    William H. Prescott 1847
    Here agency means: exerting power. Most politicians are without virtue, so attests our local cabal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Lynn Archer will support Manuela in the democratic caucus. Keep up the good fight.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know that at least three town board people are on serious medication. Shouldn’t they resign? And if they don’t, is there any legal remedy?

  4. Anonymous says:

    This whole thing is pathetic. I can’t believe in this day and age we are still trying to make friends rather than doing what we know is right. Doesn’t anyone grow up anymore? Our Supervisor and the entire town board sound like a bunch of incompetent idiots!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chipman: “Manuela, you are my favorite but not always the best qualified person gets the job… Look at the Department of Justice, do we have there the most qualified person?”
    No Carl, we don’t, but things improve.

  6. Anonymous says:

    According to the Rochester rumor mill, Terry Bernardo will be running against Carl Chipman in the next election for Supervisor! So Jon, which one of these two will you support?

    • If eight years are enough for a President, eight years are more than enough for Carl Chipman. Terry Bernardo may still win a few nominations and primaries, but never again an election. Bank on it.

      In 2015 I will support for Supervisor the best candidate on the ballot.

    • Anonymous says:

      The rumor mill isn’t always correct.
      There will be a qualified candidate for Town Supervisor next year. I guarantee it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rochester politics have not been kind to so many. Manuela has come to this country and made Rochester her home. She has not been treated fairly yet she continues to work for the best interest of our Town and its citizens, When she takes on a cause, she researches, she attends meetings and gives her all — yet she is snubbed by an ignorant self serving Town Board. The caucus was an embarrassment to all Rochester Republicans. And who came, the TAKERS. Family members and everyone who got something for nothing by the crooks holding office. To Manuela, I say thank YOU. Thank YOU for following your convictions and doing what you felt was right. Thank YOU for caring enough about Rochester to stand above the neglect, the corruption and the liars. You deserve so much more.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I got out of Rochester late last year, after sticking around just long enough to cast one last vote against Terriblenardo. But 9:39 has it exactly right — crooks and takers. At some point, the local GOP needs to stop kissing up to the Independence and Conservative parties, especially by handing seats to the wives of these parties’ chairmen.

  9. a says:

    Sometime early 2000’s my daughter picked up the mail after getting of the school bus, she was 10 , she is an avid reader, what she read was a mailing post card (no envelope) with the words pornography on it proclaiming an injustice. She asked me about that word as she handed me the card. Wow, I thought, I managed to protect her from everything imagined up until than, especially feeling my small community was a bulwark to that notion. What do you think I think of the highly educated Manuela Michailescu or the highly computer literate Jon-Doga-Marinescco? I think they should apologize for that action that exposed a child to something that their misguided attempt at justice created. I don’t quite know how I would have reacted given the horrible political attack they suffered from themselves, but being a parent of a child I would have to have thought of a better solution. Maybe acknowledgement of this event can help me feel comfortable getting to know them, I believe they are an asset to the community.

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