Carl Chipman and the obvious questions

Carl Chipman

Believe it or not, there was a time when Carl Chipman didn’t mind answering my questions, probably in deference to all those years he called me Papa.

Carl Chipman
Seeing that Chipman was starting his first term by asking “how high?” every time O’Halloran was telling him to jump, I asked the obvious question:

    Q: Carl, why do you kiss David O’Halloran’s ass?
    A: Because he has the money, that’s why!

Say it ain’t so, Carl!

Carl Chipman
As there was no bigger supporter of Terry Bernardo than him (the Pride of Rochester and all that), I asked Carl Chipman the obvious question:

    Q: Carl, why do you kiss Len Bernardo’s ass?
    A: Because he gave me the Independence line, that’s why!

Do you remember the moment, Carl? By Tavi Cilenti’s barn, the evening before his Pig Roast?

Carl Chipman
After the recent Town Board interviews and pre-determined appointment, I wanted to ask Carl Chipman another obvious question. I did not, because I already knew the answer:

    Q: Carl, why do you kiss Brian Drabkin’s and Gerry Fornino’s collective ass?
    A: Because Drabkin has the money and Fornino will give me the Conservative line next year, that’s why!

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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2 Responses to Carl Chipman and the obvious questions

  1. Anonymous says:

    Q. When it is time for Carl to say farewell, goodbye bye?
    A. Sooner than he thinks?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Q. What is the fashion for dirty Supervisors?
    A. Stripes.

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