Would you buy a used car from Carl Chipman?

Carl Chipman

Carl Chipman is quoted in the article Once Again, A Rochester Tower Controversy Stirs by Chris Rowley, published today in Shawangunk Journal:

    “The biggest thing is that the town has to work harder to communicate with everyone…”

Let me repeat that: “the town has to work harder to communicate”…

Excuse me, Mr. Supervisor, but don’t you lose credibility when you acknowledge a communication deficiency just a few weeks after you and the Brian-challenged Town Board appointed Cindy Fornino as Councilwoman? Her qualifications must be out of the ordinary to justify the rejection of former Councilwoman Manuela Michailescu, from whose application and résumé I quote here:

    From Manuela’s application:
    Expertise in the communication field
    Communication is the weakest area of our Town Board’s activity. Our town needs clear communication, not rumors. How I promoted the Youth and Recreation Department activity is an example, but we need to improve communication with town residents in all areas, at all levels. I would work with Councilwoman Chachkin – who had this as a goal when running last year – to have at least a monthly e-newsletter for all town residents, to be posted on the town’s website.

    From Manuela’s résumé:
    1984 –1988 CUNY, Baruch College, New York
    MBA – major in Marketing/Advertising
    Beta Gamma Sigma
    In the last ten years attended The Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute’s Annual Symposiums on Communication and Communication
    Intensive Instruction at Baruch College; selected and served as Roundtable
    Discussions moderator in 2012.

    1987 Winner of First Place Award in the Philip Morris Marketing / Communications Competition

With all due respect, Mr. Supervisor, aren’t you an asshole?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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