Bernino and Fornardo. Yep, they are that close!

Gerry Fornino / Len Bernardo

Following a comment posted by Len “Anonymous” Bernardo to Terry Bernardo wants to screw you, I wanted to clarify if Gerry Fornino was actually spreading rumors about me or not. What better way to do it than asking the man directly in the post You be the judge…

    “Many people have asked you why our neighbor who used to be FBI is going around telling people you were involved with the commies in Romania but you never answer.”

The neighbor who used to be FBI is Gerry Fornino… I doubted that he was spreading rumors, but didn’t hurt to make sure:

    Gerry Fornino, please answer this question: Did you go around town telling people that I was involved with the commies in Romania? If you did, shame on you for spreading lies. If you didn’t, your friends are using you.

I didn’t know if Gerry Fornino has Internet access, so a printout was delivered by hand to him on February 24, 2013. Sadly, twenty months later, I’m still waiting for his answer. Probably the Chairman of town’s Conservative Party was way too busy negotiating the appointment of his wife to the Rochester Town Board, and I’m sure that staging the 2014 Republican Invitational Caucus was time consuming too.

About three weeks ago, Len Bernardo – the Chairman of the fraudulent Independence Party – made additional contributions to the American literature, bringing up again Gerry Fornino’s innuendos.

    Ion Sux Dix

    Submitted on 2014/10/02 at 12:19 AM

    The Democrats don’t want you or Manu. The Republicans don’t want you or Manu. The Conservatives don’t want you or Manu. The Independents don’t want you or Manu. Do you see a pattern here, Ion? What’s the common denominator? You two idiots.

    Your wife is a moron and she’s too stupid to know it. Everyone in the town hall hated her for telling them what to do all the time.

    And you’re way too transparent. Everyone knows that you’re trying to provoke Fornino into doing something stupid so you can ruin Cindy’s political chances. The problem is that Gerry is about 100 times smarter than you and isn’t going to give you the satisfaction.

    Face it you hairy faced, Ewok looking son of a hyena. Manu is never going to be elected to anything ever again. The only reason she was elected in 2007 was because of the whole anti Duke thing. Every Republican in town won that year but Manu got the fewest votes of everyone. People told you to act like a civilized person instead of a frigging caveman but you had to be a dirtbag. Whatever problems Manu has are a combination of her stupidity and your rabies.

    Why don’t you go move to another town, say in British Columbia. They won’t know you there so you can start over and we don’t have to put with with your crap anymore. You’re a scumbag who does nothing but talk garbage about anyone who disagrees with you.

    You don’t know shit about what being part of this town means.

Pissed off that I put two and two together, Len the Chair fired another comment, this time trying to pass himself as a single mother. Please note that Gerry Fornino pops up again!

    Ion Dogbreath Muttabasco

    Submitted on 2014/10/04 at 12:23 AM

    Lmao. You’re so stupid. You removed my comment from the other day and then posted this shit about Terry Bernardo. So transparent. You think I’m Len Bernardo so you want to punish Len by re-posting your stupid Photoshop no talent crap. Truth is Bernardo is just as ridiculous as you. You guys are two peas in a pod. Exactly the same except for your goat beard you wear to compensate for your tiny dick.

    Keep thinking its Len and posting this shit. That way I get two birds with one stone. But in the back of your mind you’ll always know its someone else. Someone who was your friend who you fucked over years ago.

    You think you’re so smart but you’re really a fool. Lying about who you were in Romania. Gerry knows who you really were. He keeps telling people that you were interviewed by the FBI when you came here because you were in bed with the commies over there. And he has the documents to prove it. I can’t wait until he shows them to the press and your stupid story blows up in your face.

    While we wait, just know that I know where your skeletons are hidden and I am telling people in town all about you and Manu and what a stupid, no talent cow she is. Fucking crybabies. Bah-wah-wah! They didn’t nominate me even though I was most qualified! Manu isn’t qualified to clean up cow shit in an eastern European barn. And you’re the cow shit.

    Go fuck yourself, Ion. Just like you told me to do 6 years ago after I worked my ass off for Manu’s election a year before. One thing I asked her to help with. She fucked me over and you laughed in my face. You think it’s cool to fuck with a single mom who needed help? You nasty little prick.

    Go ahead. Go lash out at the Bernardos. I have my reasons to be mad at them too. You’re pathetic and your secrets are getting told soon. I just wish Manu was nominated so I can tell everyone everything 2 weeks before the election. Stupid bitch can’t win an election on her own anyway but I would love to see her get seriously crushed.

    Buh bye, Ion. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you do the walk of shame out of Rochester for good.

Len Bernardo – or Terry for that matter – seems to forget writing the same sentences long before attempts to hide behind a server in Germany. As for Gerry Fornino, there is no point in asking him the same question:

Did you go around town telling people that I was involved with the commies in Romania?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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3 Responses to Bernino and Fornardo. Yep, they are that close!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well it appears that Gerry is in bed with Len, so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an answer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The hateful comments exposed in this post speak volumes about their author’s intelligence, education and character. If people like these are allowed to play a role in our town, then we all need to take a shower.

  3. dukas says:

    These lunatics prove that no matter what century yet to come, we will always remain one thought away from the murderous barbarian that dwells within. Peaceful utopia can only be found in literature and dead men’s songs.

    “A treatment of a person based on the group, class, or category to which that person belongs rather than on actual individual merit”. Discrimination is a result of the racial and religious intolerance so well magnified in the ravings above.

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