Rochester, vote wisely!

Carl Chipman, Len Bernardo, Terry Bernardo, Cindy Fornino, Gerry Fornino

To my previous post How did Cindy get on Indy? – where I exposed the way Cindy Fornino hogged three ballot lines – a gutless imbecile made this comment:

    Submitted on 2014/11/01 at 9:13 PM

    Translation: Whaaa! My wife can’t get elected to anything! It’s all a big conspiracy! We can’t even keep a house without the bank taking it from us! Whaaaaa!!!

    Give it up already! If you can’t take care of your own finances(or even the lawn!), you shouldn’t be taking care of public finances!

I trust you to count for yourself the idiocies crammed in the above comment, and see through the hate and ignorance-fueled attempt at dismissing a serious issue. Attacking me for twisted reasons does not change the facts (also pointed out in the local press):

    SHAWANGUNK JOURNAL – September 4, 2014, page 6
    Fornino, spouse to the chairman of the town’s Conservative Party, has been an alternate member on the Rochester planning board for the past four months. Soft-spoken, many of her answers were too quiet to hear from the front row, but she told the board that she speaks to many residents about their concerns and believes that stronger families would lead to more children staying in the area as they grow to adulthood.

    SHAWANGUNK JOURNAL – September 18, 2014, page 7
    It was chairman Daniel Aversano’s first time running a caucus… One curious choice of the chairman was to appoint Bob Garrett as a teller (vote counter), because he also nominated the candidate who was ultimately victorious. Garrett described Fornino as “hardworking” and “dedicated on the planning board,” where she has served as an alternate member for about four months. Fornino told the crowd that she is “not political,” and instead focused on the perspective she has gained working in the local hardware store and talking to residents.

    What neither Fornino nor her nominator mentioned was the fact that she is registered as a Conservative, the party that her husband chairs in the town. It was only brought up because Michailescu forced the issue on procedural grounds.

    BLUE STONE PRESS – October 17, 2014, page 13
    Candidate Cindy Fornino has lived in the town of Rochester for the last 15 years, having met her husband: thirty-plus year resident, former zoning board member and Chair of the town’s Conservative Party, Gerry Fornino here and starting a family together. Fornino states she doesn’t have an answer for what brought her to Rochester, but said that “if you ask me why I decided to stay here, I would have to say the beauty, the mountains, how everyone knows each other one way or another; that gives a hometown, country feeling.”

    She states that she decided to run for town council for her daughter, saying, “this is where my husband and I are raising our daughter, as parents we want the best for her, as all parents want for their children; but I also want her to be able to afford to live here as she gets older in the house that her father built and that she is being raised in.”

    SHAWANGUNK JOURNAL – October 30, 2014, page 8
    Cindy Fornino was appointed to fill Cilenti’s seat until the dust of this election settles. Well known about town for her many years working in the local hardware store and appearing with her husband, Conservative party chairman Gerry Fornino, at political events, she also served briefly as an alternate member of the town planning board.

    Voters on Tuesday will choose between Conservative candidate Cindy Fornino and Democrat Greta Baker to fill the final year of a Town Board term.

    Fornino will also be on the Republican and Independence ballot lines…

    “Keeping the taxes low in our town is my main concern and making it affordable so that our children can stay there is my second concern,” she said.

    “I think it would be a good thing if we could get some growth in our town,” Fornino said. “Keeping the country farmland (is important) as well, but having some growth will help our children who are going to school, if they need to get an after school job they can do so.

    “We need to teach our kids work ethics and if we can give it to them right in their own backyard so that they can get off the bus at the local store and work I think that’s a good thing.”

Exactly what Rochester needs: another incoherent wife of another Party Chairman being pushed in the office through the back door. All Cindy Fornino’s nominations are morally wrong, and she fully knows it:

Carl Chipman, Len Bernardo, Terry Bernardo, Cindy Fornino, Gerry Fornino

Now you know it too. So, how are you going to vote?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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