Dump Carl Chipman

I received this email from sunny Florida:

    “Hi Jon. I just wanted to commend you on that brilliant move of buying Terry’s domain name. When I saw last week that it redirected to your blog I howled for five minutes. Mentioned it today on Liberty Coalition. Hope all is well.”

I checked the Liberty Coalition blog. Sure enough, I found the paragraph:

    “And the last laugh goes to the former illustrator of this blog, Jon Dogar Marinesco, who had the insight (if not the dark humor I appreciate) to purchase the terryforulster.com domain name thus preventing her from using it. Even funnier is that it links to his blog when you type it in! Hilarious.”

Hilarious indeed… Even more so since I have nothing to do with the terryforulster.com domain name. Brilliant move? You bet!… and I can see it coming from any of the two places where Terry is not exactly loved.

My first guess is Mike Hein’s campaign. Disciplined, Internet-savvy people. The last few weeks I became aware that something is in the works, just by reading my blog’s stats: all my posts on Terry Bernardo were reviewed.

My runner-up guess is David O’Halloran, but he is a tad sloppy, and would have never thought of registering terryforulster.org and terryforulster.net, on top of terryforulster.com. David’s style is more like sending a surrogate to the Rochester GOP Caucus to nominate an old tool.

I’m not running for anything, and I don’t want any VLTs, so I don’t have a dog in this fight. Believe it or not, I signed Terry Bernardo’s Republican designating petition because I strongly believe that everybody has the right to run, and the voters have the right to choose.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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