Bernardo signed the petition as a notary… oh, no! not again!

From Daily Freeman article Working Families candidate for Ulster County executive has problems with petition signature and his party’s state leaders:

    “The Working Families Party candidate for Ulster County executive said he didn’t realize he wasn’t a registered Independence Party voter, or a registered voter at all, when he signed an Independence Party petition for Republican candidate Terry Bernardo.

    On June 13, Rasmussen signed Bernardo’s designating petition for the Independence Party line on the November ballot. But according to the Ulster County Board of Elections, Rasmussen wasn’t registered to vote on that date.

    Under state law, the only people who can sign a candidate’s petition are registered voters who are enrolled in the party designated on the petition. Also, a person signing a designating petition must swear under oath that he or she is enrolled in the party and eligible to vote.

    Bernardo signed the petition as a notary, affirming that she swore in the individuals signers.”

I told you so for six years: fraud and perjury are common denominators of whatever Terry Bernardo does. I did my share trying to stop her while local and county politicians either kept mum or kissed her ass for personal gain. See here how Terry Bernardo committed perjury 5 times!

Last but no least:

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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