$1,330,000 to $2,060,000 in no (Skate) Time flat – (3)

Stephen Apkon (Steve) and Marcina Lee Hale-Cristobal bought the Skate Time 209 for $1,330,000.

Now, two years later, they want to sell it to the people of Rochester for $2,060,000…
for a modest profit of $730,000. Not bad for two people swimming in not-for-profits.

Stephen Apkon (Steve) and Marcina Lee Hale-Cristobal claim that the asking price is justified by the improvements they made to the property.

Improvements? What improvements?

Well, let’s review a few Yelp comments…

“The business got sold and will never be the same… The new management is making a lot of changes for the worse… They shut down the skateboard park and are turning Skate Time into some kind of hippie resort. I read they’re even changing the name to Neighborhood 209… I don’t think they are from around here… Figures.”
Anthony W. – Kerhonkson, NY – 10/10/2019

“Alright roller rink considering it’s been open for a decade, but could definitely use an update + a carpet cleaning. The amount of dust in this, and the constant smell of sulfur + cheese is bit troubling considering the price of admission is pricey compared to similar establishments. Good choice if you live within 5 miles, but any further and I wouldn’t make the drive. Apparently, the sulfur smell is actually sewage from the trailer park up the road that runs off into the pond next to roller rink.”
Wren L. – College View, Denver, CO – 11/13/2019

“We used to love this place.  New owners need to step it up. The floor was so filthy, members of our party were hurt because they fell over debris. Also, the music was slow and boring the entire night. Hopefully they will get it together.”
B.G. – Kingston, NY – 9/6/2019

Guess who answered this last comment with unadulterated bullshit…

“Dear B.G.,
We care very much about our customers experience and clean our floors between every session.  We are excited to be presenting new events coming up in the near future! As you stated, we are new owners and we are working hard to create a great place for everyone. We welcome you to come in and speak to us in person about your experience. We are always open to ways of making our Family Entertainment place better and welcome your positive input.”
Marcina H. – Owner – 9/16/2019

Here are a few photos taken days ago:

Right! The “improvements” are worth $730,000… to anyone high on mushrooms!


(to be continued)

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  1. Nothing! They try to unload it…

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