Skate Time 209 is the wrong building for the Town – (4)

On Tuesday, October 12, Mike Baden and Skate Time’s owners held their first public information session on the proposed purchase of the property.

The majority of the attendees opposed the deal and made their reasons public:

– the cost mentioned ($2,060,000) covers only the purchase, and do not include ($5,000,000) retrofitting the space for offices…

– the timing is terrible, another COVID variant could sweep in and shut everything down again…

– you just bought it for $1,330,000, now want to sell it for $2,060,000, why the increase?

– we’re a small town, cannot afford this huge 30-year mortgage…
$2,060,000 Skate Time purchase + 5,000,000 Skate Time renovation + 5,000,000 existing buildings renovations = $12,060,000

— this skate rink was not built for full-time occupancy…

— it’s cheaper to build new than to repair…

— there is no potable water on the property…

The “pro” side was in minority, mostly members of the Mid-Hudson Misfits roller derby team and their junior wing, the Mid-Hudson Mischiefs (above, middle). They stressed how vital the rink was for their team, their community, and their general well-being. None of the “pro” speakers pay taxes in the Town of Rochester… It’s worth noting that Shawangunk Journal publisher Amberly Jane Campbell (above left) is a member of the Mid-Hudson Misfits roller derby team. That explains the newspaper’s strong “Vote yes!” stance! As for Marge Bonner (above right)… please, don’t get me started.

Unfortunately, most of the information offered is not accurate.
Compare the numbers above – offered at the public information session – with the actual numbers below:


PS – Using the image of the candlelight vigil during the presentation was extremely tacky!

(to be continued)

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1 Response to Skate Time 209 is the wrong building for the Town – (4)

  1. Kandy Santosky says:

    The whole concept is ridiculous!
    Towns are not good at running a business. This proposed purchase and renovation will saddle the town with exorbitant debt and it will NEVER support it’s self.

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