The Skate Time 209 misfits – (5)

Stronger Together – the 2016 United States presidential campaign slogan of Hillary Clinton – is kept alive by Rusty Foxidation, Leggs, Sassy Ka~Boom, Sandstorm, Off-Track Betty, Mimic, Mirackle Whip, Madame Manatease, Jane Bondage (front row, center), Eleanor Bruisevelt, Jeez Louise, Squirrel Jam, Wreckuiem, Kell On Wheels, D.LyRIOuS “Dani” Maniac…

Despite the cool roller derby names, the Mid-Hudson Misfits was formed with a mission, said Jane Bondage (a/k/a Amberly Jane Campbell, Publisher of Shawangunk Journal): to offer “a sort of safe haven for all women of all different backgrounds and walks of life.”

“Our league is made up of a diverse group of women and non-binary people from several counties in the Mid-Hudson Valley region. We come from different backgrounds and different occupations, but we are united in our love of flat track roller derby. We are strong, athletic individuals. We are community focused. We are anything but cookie cutter and we are proud of it. We are the Mid-Hudson Misfits!”

Well, you may be the Mid-Hudson Misfits, but you are not taxpayers in the Town of Rochester.

Amberly Jane Campbell, Publisher of Shawangunk Journal, lives in New Paltz.

Laura Palermo is a resident of Kingston, but that does not curb her effort to influence a vote in the Town of Rochester, and here are her ridiculous reasons for writing the article:

Funny, the Editor of Shawangunk Journal, forgot to add this disclaimer to Laura’s article:

Moreover, as a group, the Mid-Hudson Misfits are polluting the social media with their cute, but idiotic appeals to the voters of Rochester. You be the judge:

Thanks for the entertainment!


(to be continued)

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