David O’Halloran doesn’t like the taste of truth

Dump David O'Halloran

Thank you David for sharing your thoughts on this blog despite your deeply held belief that the comments here, on Daily Freeman and on TripAdvisor are all my doings.

Let’s take a look at some of your comments:

    You are all welcome to critique my chairmanship of the Rochester GOP Committee but it is hard to argue with our committee results. Currently we have 3 candidates for District 21…

    While I would like to accept credit for encouraging John Dawson to run for District 21, fact is, I did not…

    Have I discouraged Manuela from running again for District 21? Yes.

Allow me to translate: “I am David O’Halloran, the chairman of the Rochester GOP, and I measure the success of my Committee by the number of candidates; look! I got three of them running for Legislature. You all know that Terry and Manuela did not need my encouragement, you all know that I tried to discourage Manuela from running, and I claim that I didn’t recruit Dawson.” What did the Committee do, again? Why did you think it’s hard to argue with its “success?”

    The “Maryjane” Committee prior to my tenure on town committee differs on many fronts. Good or bad is left to the constituent. A few differences:
    1) We encourage all to petition for town committee seats, no challenges, no court cases to prevent primary…

Oh, yeah! That explains why Manuela was challenged both times she ran for a town committee seat.

Because you brought up the previous committee, you might want to know what people think is the big difference: while Marijane’s committee had the integrity to stand up to the Bernardo-Catalano dirty deals, you sold the Republican party to Bernardo, and look where we are now.

    However, for a time you-Jon, were included in the Rochester GOP inner circle and we accomplished great things together. Unfortunately, it quickly fell apart when Shane & I mistakenly “thanked” you at a victory party. We screwed that up and once we were told of the slight, apologized. It was never accepted by you.

Yes David, you screwed that up… after I told you not to do it. Also, you apologized in private for what you did in public. Just saying… And the Rochester GOP inner circle quickly fell apart when I couldn’t take your back-stabbing any longer. Wanna see the scars?

Open up, Davey! It’s swallowing time.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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40 Responses to David O’Halloran doesn’t like the taste of truth

  1. Anonymous says:

    People like O’Halloran and Bernardo’s feel superior to the rest of us. Therefore, everything that do is better and they can (in their minds) justify it. David will NEVER accept that he has had a hand in destroying the Town of Rochester & County Republican Party.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s about DEMOCRACY not GREED. America–Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Think about the Veterans–willing to put their lives on the line for our Country. And the Immigrant coming to America for a better way of life. And in Rochester–a quaint little town–with natural beauty and talent–Politics STINKS! Why so, I ask myself. Living in Rochester is a dream come true–until hearing about the corruption, the greed and the need for the fat cats to get richer while the locals pay and pay and pay. It has got to stop. Locals need to stand up for their land, their families and their purse strings!

  3. David O'Halloran says:

    The taste of truth…that’s pretty funny coming from Jon. Jon hates and I do mean hates the taste of truth. I do not blame him. losing an election, hurts. the reasons Romney lost are endless, but in the end, does any matter? obama won, end of story. as a supportor, i’ve lost races and won races; anyone involved will say the same, move on, find another candidate and try again.

    I cannot speak for Bernardo, but I personally have been “re-thinking” any and all involvement in politics and community in Rochester/Ulster County. Anything you do, donations to little league, barracudas,community service, eggs this weekend for a family fundrasier are all subject to mis-interpetation by community members in these post. What for, there are dozens of local businesses and contractors that just pay their taxes and receive services.

    Involved in politics, my wife was right “stupid”. It’s so easy to get sucked in, take all of you for example, you meet Manuela and want to help. one thing leads to another and you are running a campaign. Of course, I’m referring to people that do more than just complain on blogs, people that actually care about issues and the people behind them.

    What is the “wish” of the Blog posters on this site? Maybe, I misunderstand the string of post? It sure sounds to me that you would like that there be only be one candidate…Manuela, the one you support? That would be a very bad for the community…. Jon & Manuela would be better able to define the reasons why that is a very, very bad path.

    The Blog host, Jon, knows Election Law better than most and certainly better than I. He knows that Manuela has all the election tools to be on the ballot. What he wants are votes. Instead of posting reason why voters should support Manuela, he attempts to destroy any and all that dare to publicly disagree. I shared with Jon on April 16th, “if vote were today, I would vote for John Dawson”. Hence these lovely Blog headlines. Funny how this works, had I lied and said “Manuela” I would be the Smokeout’s hero of the day.

    Manuela is a good candidate for Legislator but having lost two elections and her association to this Blog (spouse), reduces her chance of success. Can she win? only way to find out is by trying. Those that support her would have to take off the cloak of “anonymous” and bravely communicate her strenghts. That would be a good start. As a committee member, all I’ve seen is attacks on other potential candidates and supportors. That is not a winning campaign. Is there a place for negative campaigning, yes… after you have defined your reasons for running and your vision for tomorrow.

    • Anonymous says:

      You seemed to like this technique when you were attacking the Duke administration and sending dump trucks to town meetings – that was real positive! Oh wait, you had nothing to do with any of that…… It was all orchestrated by those hicks….. Problem is they aren’t that organized and would require guidance….. I wonder from who?

    • Anonymous says:

      wasn’t aware of jon running for any elected position…… so not sure how he coulda lost an election…….. must be talking outta your ass again……… or should I say still…….

  4. Anonymous says:

    The “inner circle” was all a facade, everyone was being manipulated by David. When individuals began catching on to his shenanigans and attempted to speak they were shut down, directly and indirectly, by David. He can claim to be nothing more than a vote but that isn’t the case, his committee is hand picked by him and he controls the majority by feeding them lies. When one becomes aware of this they are ousted through elections or they chose not to petition because of how they are treated by “fellow” committee members – some stop participating before that process. I am unaware of any that resigned due to this but wouldn’t be surprised to hear that has happened as well. All of his rants and explanations are nothing more than a show, maybe he should take it on the road – out of Rochester and preferably out of Ulster County.

  5. David O'Halloran says:

    10:19 a few inconvenient facts: The Rochester Republican Committee did have a resignation…she resigned because of Manuela & Jon. Ask Jon, he will confirm that her departure had nothing to do with me or any other committee members except Manuela.

    a little committee history:
    Elbert DeJagger – farmer/conservative left over from Maryjane’s reign.
    Tom Ryan – former Councilman, left over from Maryjane’s reign
    Imre Beke Sr. 20 year planning board, involved for decades before my involvement (guilty as charged… O’Halloran appointee) 1st joined via petition process
    Shane Ricks (personal friendship) was involve decades before me
    Terry Bernardo – joined via petition process
    Manuela – appointed by me (guilty as charged…she is a O’Halloran appointee)
    Barbara Zaccai – Resigned – issue with Manuela
    Leon Smith – decades before me, former Coucilman, etc
    Rob Case – petition process, tea party, strted working for Pinegrove years after joined committee

    How do I oust a committee member by election? Are you suggesting that not only do I have 100% control over the committee but I also have 100% control over Rochester’s register Republicans.

    Listen, you are welcome to disagree with things I’ve done or people I’ve supported, but please do not insult the integrity of committee member you know even less than you know me.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t see where anyone said anything about the integrity of any of the othet committee members. I believe the point was you have them all hoodwinked but I disagree, I don’t believe they all fall into that category. Anyone who is involved in marketing and promoting the selling of “snake oil” to cure medical ailments integrity is questionable and the other individual has had their integrity issues addressed by the blog master here. The other exception would be Ms Manuela, having been on the receiving end of your antics I am certain she isn’t hoodwinked by you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    One thing David is correct about is stop throwuing the stones tell us what Manuela wants to do and will do or at least try for the people of Rochester. We all hate the Bernardos and hope they go back to where they came from now that the damage is done. But lets look to the future and tell us why MANUELA?

    • Why do you ask me? Ask Manuela. Contrary to desperate innuendos, this blog is not about electing Manuela, it’s about exposing the dirty deals made by Bernardos & Co., it’s about the destruction of the local Republican party by self-serving characters. Apparently my posts are right on the mark, because I didn’t hear anyody saying “Jon, that’s a lie.” Till then, I’ll continue to “throw the stones.” Watch for boulders!

    • Anonymous says:

      You folks just don’t get it, not sure you ever will. Manuela walks by herself, talks by herself and forms her own opinions – if you ask her I am certain she will be more than happy to tell all of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      No stone throwin’ going on here…… Just throwin’ facts….. The facts probably hurt more than stones though.

    • David O'Halloran says:

      Careful, do not cross Jon’s “hate all” line in the sand. You make a single non anti-David-statement and Jon has to immediately make a Blog host comment. Of course he has to put a stop to any open minded thought process that deviates from his thinking. If Jon spent 10% of his time supporting Manuela political goals, maybe people would take her candidacy serious. I’m on the committee and the only reason I know she’s running: to beat Terry. Okay, that may sell to those done with Bernardo’s in Rochester, but what about the other 86% of voters. They may need a better reason to pull the ballot.

      • Anonymous says:

        Taking into account the 86% that are done with you more than likely includes the same 14% that you refer to so what are we down to?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, only one little problem with your theory: Dukas spoke in your favor and I haven’t read anything about him. And Dukas states that he is friends with Jon and Manuela so I guess Jon is capable of being friends with someone who doesn’t share the same views and/or opinions as himself. Got any other theories?

  7. Anonymous says:

    After reading Mr. O’s story of donkey poop–let me say this to him. We all know of your Boss Hog way of working a community–give them an egg, a ball shirt, a place to swim and they will come to Big Daddy. As a long time business owner–not once have I announced to whom or what organization received donations from me. Mr. O. most business need not brag and flaunt and tell. It’s about being a silent part of a community and giving back. It is about getting your hands dirty from hard work and caring; Back room deals made your hands dirty. YOU destroyed the little bit of GOP in Rochester–You sold the town for trinkets–and you got BURNED.

  8. David O'Halloran says:

    Jon, I know you think we are morons but for you to say that your blog is not about targeting political opponents of Manuela is an insult to morons, idiots and nimnuts. Before you type a comment it has to pass the LOL test. Lets face it, do you know any politicians from any party that are not self-serving characters? Fed, State, County, Town….Please. Lets look at recent attacks: Bernadro, Dunn, Dawson. Now tell me how Dunn and Dawson fit into your “dirty deals” and “self-serving characters”. Let me guess, if they consider running for office they must be crooked while Manuela aspirations are inspired by God? Could it possible be that people may consider exercising their constitutional rights to pursue elected office and it has nothing to do with Manuela’s own ambitions?

    4:18pm Throw a fact, a single fact. That would be a welcome change from all these far reaching, factless statements. Give it a try, throw a fact for a change.

    • Anonymous says:

      You told your former friend, Terry Bernardo, that you would “ruin” here and find someone to run against her this fall…. then you find Dawson and postpone the GOP legislator endorsement – buying time for her to come around to your way of VLT thinking. Then Terry Bernardo is offered tea or coffee at the ranch by you so you could discuss a strategy… Are these facts or was your former friend lying when speaking with the reporter?

      • David O'Halloran says:

        No actual facts but I will give answers based on what I know. “Ruin” is a quote by a reporter from Terry. The Bernardo’s are litigious folks, not going to comment on Terry’s remarks. “Find Dawson” not a fact. John Dawson contacted me on Friday, April 12th after telling Brian Drabkin of his plans to run. Brian, referred John to the Committtee. “Postpone endorsement” members were prepared to vote when there were the known 2 candidates. John Dawson’s entry, most members found out over the weekend, left members wanting more time. 3 members asked if we had to vote on Weds. after hearing the remarks and then the interviews, it was obvious, members could use more time. Nothing shady, just normal committee procedure. Manuela and Terry are members, both agreed to hold off on endorsement to May. Unofficial endorsement will take place May 22. “Buy time VLT” the Resolution for VLT gaming at HVR & PGR was not sent back to committee, it was pulled by sponsor at HVR & PGR request. That means it is no longer in consideration by the UCL and would have to be re-submitted to committee before going to full UCL. If HRV or PGR wanted continued discussion or Terry’s support we would have sent Resolution back to committee. Nothing Terry or any other UCL can do or say about a non-existent VLT Resolution.

    • Anonymous says:

      We are morons? Who is we?

      • David O'Halloran says:

        11:15 “anonymous”…for all I know you could be part of the “we”. Are you?

  9. Anonymous says:

    You seemed to have missed this post:

    So, Mr. Diehard GOP, can you honestly say you have never done anything to support candidates other than GOP candidates? You should probably familiarize yourself with the definition of the word honest before replying.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget this one…… “You turned down the cross endorsement…… That’s great….. You just didn’t run anyone….. Does anyone else realize that the outcome is the same? It’s amazing how you can get Johns, Harolds and Brians when it benefits you but when it doesn’t it is incredible how nobody is interested….. Coincidence? Or could this be the outcome of the unofficial TOR political advisor?”

    And when someone doesn’t support your own selfish motives you FIND someone to run against them. Admirable!

    • David O'Halloran says:

      Blank vs Cross Endorsement. The Election result is the same but there are substantial differences. The obvious, no official support from the Party. More importantly, a registered Republican with nominal caucus support can receive the Party line from the floor without being outvoted by a popular candidate from the other Party. As town chair, ever since MJ had Duke & Francis at the podium of the Republican Caucus, I have made the motion to close our caucus to Republican & Conservative candidates only. That eliminates any possibility of cross-endorsement. I know you will find this little known fact surprising, I do not deserve the credit for finding our candidates. I get credit by supporting them through the campaign but I am not the scout. You made me think, I cannot remember discovering or suggesting the idea of running to any of our Republican elected officials in Rochester. I should work on that. Again, way too much credit, most candidates decide for themselves just like Manuela.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anyone want to guess as to what has happened to the Republican Club in Town of Rochester ?

    • David O'Halloran says:

      Shane & I called Republican Club members (most bought lifetime memberships) last Monday and Tuesday to come to County Candidates Night. Approx 80-100 Republican Club members attended. There were about 12 non club members in attendance as well. Good showing for an April event on a beautiful Spring midweek evening. Nina said it was the largest attended meeting in the County. If you attended, thanks – the candidates appreciate your support.

      • Anonymous says:

        You seemed to have missed this post AGAIN or are choosing to ignore it:
        So, Mr. Diehard GOP, can you honestly say you have never done anything to support candidates other than GOP candidates? You should probably familiarize yourself with the definition of the word honest before replying.

      • Anonymous says:

        Damn Dave! You can shovel some serious shit rather quickly! Is it up to your eyes yet?

      • Anonymous says:

        80 – 100???? fingers or toes?

      • David O'Halloran says:

        8:41, you seem to be looking for some specific question on a specific race. I’ve supported many candidates, please be more specific. Some candidates I supported that were not registered GOP: Len was one.

        Lose the anonymous bs if you want another answer. Good thinking on my part. All future answers, will be to those brave souls willing to post using their names.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mr. O’Halloran you said “If HRV or PGR wanted continued discussion or Terry’s support we would have sent Resolution back to committee” My question is; Since when does anyone but a Legislator do anything with a Resolution? Are you admitting publicly that Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, Legislator Maloney was being directed by you on what Resolutions to submit and when to submit them? WTF is going on here? I think this public acknowledgment deserves further investigation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great point! Nothing like publicly admitting that he’s pulling the strings.

    • David O'Halloran says:

      8:26pm Len is that you! Thought it might be. What’s with all the anonymous posting, wouldn’t think you have such thin skin to be afraid of Blog posters.

      Answer: HVR & PGR did have to use Maloney to sponsor the VLT resolution, a resolution specifically for two properties in Rochester: HVR & PGR. He talked to Carl, HVR & PGR often and guided us all through the process. Majority leader Ronk called and informed us that we did not have the needed GOP votes, directed us to speak to Maloney as to our next step. Maloney explained the options: vote & lose, back to committee to vote another day or pull bill (and be done). He asked what we wanted, after discussions between HVR & PGR, we called Maloney back and asked him to pull the bill. Terry might want to try working with constituents on a resolution, it’s called serving those that you represent. Call Maloney, he will walk her through the paces.

      Unfortunately we did not receive support or advice from our District 21 legislator. Back to the original claim, no HVR, PGR or I are in any VLT related discussions with Terry or any other legislator or candidate to be legislator. So please explain how our committee decision to wait a month is related to Terry’s recent statements supporting VLTs at Catskill properties?

    • Anonymous says:

      The answer is quite simple: it’s the individual not the process. You are getting stuck on the legalities, clearly that does not apply here.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Good thinking on my part”. What’s the matter David, you have to stroke your own ego cause nobody else is doing it for you now?

  13. David O'Halloran says:

    Enjoy the comments and answers to direct questions, hope so. That was at taste of my willingness to give detailed answers. I’m under no illusion that my comment will change any one of your minds or re-direct your thinking, but you got to enjoy it! Anyway, want more…no more replys to anonymous post.

    I pride myself in be able to disagree and then be willing to share a beer with the same person and enjoy a mutual interest. Ask Jon, we can argue a point to death, but are genuinely happy to see each other. I like Jon, amazingly creative guy, don’t agree with his politics but there’s more to life than red vs blue, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      You cannot stand anonymity cause you don’t know who to invite to the ranch for coffee or tea.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like your kool-aid stand isn’t doing very much business anymore….. Must be the bitter aftertaste it leaves behind. Maybe you could try rose colored glasses.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mr. O’Halloran,
    If I understand it correctly, Mr. Maloney did not draft the Resolution and come to you, you went to him. As you explain it, he did not care one way or the other, and was just following orders from you.

    I am still perplexed as to how one or two individuals can dictate a resolution be created to financially benefit them and only them, and whether it is brought forward or not. Who was elected, Maloney or you?

    What about other places in Ulster County that may want VLT’s? Why didn’t Maloney as chair of the committee solicit others who may want to be part of the resolution? What about the interests of the people who did not agree? What about the Nevele opposition? This stinks of favoritism, political insider dealings and one Legislator (Maloney) thinking it is ok to use the local government for his friends and political ally’s individual profits. It is NOT OK! You are NOT entitled to dictate what local government does and does not do because you are members of the same elitist club, Get off your high horse!

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