Quick question for David O’Halloran…

Dump David O'Halloran

Blinded by the limelight, O’Halloran can’t see a thing, so makes them up: bad Jon hates innocent Davey, bad Jon “stops any open minded thought process that deviates from his thinking,” bad Jon attacks all political opponents. Bad Jon this, bad Jon that…

Ready Davey? Here you go…

If my telling the truth and backing it with facts is motivated by what you’re saying, what exactly is your explanation for Hugh Reynolds calling you “the Boss Hogg of Rochester” in his article Of dogs and ponies?

    O’Halloran, the Boss Hogg of Rochester, would seem an unlikely adversary of the Bernardos. But then few things public are as simple as they might appear, especially when politics rears its head.

For those of you who don’t know, Jefferson Davis Hogg is the extremely corrupt character who ran the town of Hazzard in the classic television show The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Dump David O'Halloran

Wake up David! This is about you, not about Terry, Manuela, or anybody else.
It’s all about you – but you don’t like the twist, do you?

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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12 Responses to Quick question for David O’Halloran…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable! The comparison that Hugh made is spot on and Jon’s picture made my Monday morning!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wait, let me guess – The reporter is a huge Manuela supporter and will do anything he can to get her elected.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Hugh Reynold’s article was about supporting a candidate or not supporting a candidate. It was about corruption–and by using Boss Hogg as a reference, he lets the reader know how awful politics are in the Town. Thank you, Jon for exposing the facts–truth is sometimes hard for some to swallow. There is hope–since his “jackpot” is gone, maybe he will grace us with yet another resignation!

  4. David O'Halloran says:

    Did any of you read the article? It is about Malcolm Smith. Jon is there a point to any of this? Or are you just acting out like a spoiled child not getting what they want? Never answered why Leon or the Club cannot have their domain: http://www.RochesterRepublicans.com? Please explain why you think it’s yours?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm….. Lets think this through….. More than half of the article is about Rochester, it breaks down what has been happening, refers to you as the boss hog of Rochester and includes a picture of boss hog. Gee….. I’m not really sure what it has to do with you.

      Jon reposted an article from a news paper. You are the one sounding like a spoiled little child.

      • David O'Halloran says:

        This response is to Jon, I’m not going to reply to anonymous post: The graphic is LOL good. Calling Hugh’s words “facts” is over the top even by Hugh standards. Hugh is a very good Ulster County political columist. Often with his ear to the ground following rumors, he didn’t need to listen to hard to hear of the O’Halloran/Bernardo spat. What does it mean for tomorrow in Rochester politics, well that’s where Hugh makes his best guess.
        What’s this latest post about? Jon quickly attacked a poster that began to follow my post…”enough with the negative attacks, tell us why we should vote for Manuela”. This is the part you just can’t make up…Len/Terry & Jon/Manuela want the same thing, an election slanted in their favor. Jon’s attacks on Dunn & Dawson are proof that he does not encourage particpation in the election process. How many times does it have to be said, now that Rochester has it’s own District 21(small wawarsing vote), party leaders will not be able to influence the results. It’s a Primary process in which the register Republican voters decide the election. Is this not good for Rochester? Help me understand the problem with the Primary process?

        Does Jon have a right to complain about past deals with the Wawarsing Dems when we were District 1, Yes. Back then no one cared about Rochester’s minority, the Dems had absolute control over Dist 1. Jon knows this. Did the GOP County, Dem County, Ind County & Wawarsing Dems work out a political landscape that favored Terry, common sense says YES. Why exclude the Rochester Committee in this power play? We could not be trusted, Manuela was in our ranks. They wanted Manuela out in the worst way, when the Rochester Committee (including me) could not get Manuela to walk, we were stepped over. Past elections for Dist 1, Jon has every right to complain (how long, well it seems endless) but the current landscape is now much different. No more County, no more Wawarsing, its now between register Rochester Republicans. Each of the 3 or more candidates have the same opportunity to win. Jon, you have spent years telling us why we should not vote for Terry, how about telling us why we should vote for Manuela?

      • Anonymous says:

        This response is to Jon, I’m not going to reply to egotistical, arrogant and irrational narcissists who are unable to distinguish fact from fiction: please some how explain to your readers in clear precise terms, maybe you should break it down into words with no more than four to five letters, that this blog is entitled Rochester Smoke Out for a reason. I suppose you could begin with some simple definitions starting with smoke out (to drive out by smoke, to cause to be made public). You may want to point out that there is no mention of any individual’s name in the title of this blog. Nor does the blog title include any of the words: campaign, elect, vote, platform, etc. Thank you for your consideration.

      • Anonymous says:

        A few pointers – when replying directly to someone you do not refer to them in the third person. When denying something adamantly like not influencing politics you do not publicly state on a blog that you tried to get someone to “walk”, especially not when the proceeding sentence that you wrote admits that this influence (that you are denying) was the result of you taking direction from others – which you have also denied. Yes, you did clarify that the redistributing changed this but you publicly admitted that you were very much a part of the GOB (Good Ole Boys) network and since a leopards spots never change it isn’t going to sit well with the readers. Lastly, you should never piss off a political columnist when you are involved in politics, especially when his most recent column regarding you was not very flattering.

  5. Anonymous says:

    LOL whose Roscoe?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The SMOKE seems to be driving the SNAKE crazy!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure what question you are asking him. How can he answer when I don’t know the question. Please make your question clearer to understand.

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