It sucks to be Steven L. Fornal, doesn’t it?

Brought forward by popular demand.

Dump Terry Bernardo Screw Steven Fornal

It sucks to write a book only to see it ranked at #9,023,651.

It sucks to send your wife to work while you stay home to bang the drums.

It sucks to run for Town Board and lose.

It sucks to see Manuela winning the election for the same position.

It sucks to have repeated thoughts, feelings, and ideas that make you feel driven to do something, anything – e.g. posting this comment today on Steven L. Fornal – the “L” stands for LIAR:

    Steven L. Fornal
    Submitted on 2013/03/28 at 8:08 AM

    Hello, Jon
    You apparently cannot tell the truth. So here’s a link to a blog with all the pertinent court documents. It tells the tale of eight years of borrowing without any clue as to paying back your indebtedness.
    Also, by calling me a liar when you and Manuela know that isn’t true shows
    what you are.

Well… Hello right back, Steven. Apparently nowadays you cannot even fake sanity…

Obviously, the purpose of the above comment is to make people click on the link to your miserable blog. Funny, didn’t I do this already in Steven Fornal awarded a medal for self-preservation two weeks earlier? You, redundant freak, you!

Obviously, you are obsessed with our 2008 bankruptcy. When we are begging people to take a look at the court documents, what do you hope to accomplish by smearing us non-stop? Excuse the cliché, but isn’t doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results the definition of insanity? You, redundant freak, you!

Obviously, you lie incessantly. Here is just one example, but I could give hundreds:

The truth (Daily Freeman):

The lie (Steven L. Fornal):

    The reality, however is that all new business ventures in UC use the tax breaks allowed them by law. Ms. Bernardo’s use of those tax breaks was no different than any other business that have located in Ulster County.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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8 Responses to It sucks to be Steven L. Fornal, doesn’t it?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jon, Steve Fornal is fluent in bullshit and not exactly worth your time… but somebody has to do it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What business? Since she has been there we have gotten no business to relocate or even locate in Ulster County. Another great job by her and the circus

  3. No name says:

    The similar metal building directly across the street from Skatetime, built almost the same year, receives no tax breaks and has paid almost twice the property tax since opening. That’s well over $100,000.00 more in taxes by a commercial metal building business a stone’s throw away. Then again, those folks do not get free medical from the County and a $19,000.00 check. If the Bernardos paid their fair share, they would still get more from the County then they pay in, how many in Rochester can say that? Very few, other than Bernardo cronies paid by the County to keep Terry’s make-up and hair in place.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love this comment in Freeman to Fornal’s answer to Manuela’s letter:
    “Mr. Fornal, stop attacking a woman’s opinion. You must feel threaten by her. This battle between yourself & her is childish, GROW UP. There more important issues to cry about.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not sure why you are wasting your time on someone whose litter-ature on the net is accompanied by a picture of a woman with snack clips attached to her nipples. However, it does make for great entertainment.

  6. Steven Lance Fornal says:

    So, Jon, where does your book rank? Oh, that’s right, you haven’t been able to write one. How about YOUR sending your wife out to work seeing as your “wonderful graphics” expertise (actually just elementary photoshopping coupled w/easy money from the old country having kept your “business” alive) hasn’t been anywhere enough to land another gig in the media center of the world (NYC) in over a decade; seeing as you’ve expended all but your last nest egg and now face five years or less before the bottom falls completely out. If you hurry, you may be able to land the “Mr. Ding-A-Ling” Ice Cream man job opening in Ellenville. Oops, that’s right, such a position requires people skills which you do not possess. Guess you’ll just have to remain the troll you are, criticising people who actually DO something with their life. BTW, I worked over twenty years in carpentry/ construction, building houses, renovations, additions, etc. I built my own home. How about you, Jon? Do you know a hammer from a catpaw? As for attacking Manuela? Puh-leeeze! She attacks continuously without a single fact yet, whenever someone points out her obvious mis-statements of fact (lies, for the general public) it’s deemed an attack. Why not try to do something positive for the community? I know, you’re above that sort of thing. Troll on…

    • dukas says:

      A Troll is what you used to be Steve, with your anonymous and cutzy phony names, it is so nice to see you finally come out of the closet and instead of polishing turds under a golden shower, you should step up and thank Jon for the freedom his persistent encouragement has given you.
      Now if you could stop being such a sore loser, we all know how you quit your town position of responsibility as soon as your beloved leader lost the election; how your hack soul must have burned to carry such agony all this time, how it’s forced you to blow your own horn and lie and curse out another man’s wife. You’re so butch with your tool analogy representing your manhood, is that what your wife meant when she ran up and down the aisles screaming the developers are coming! Was she sharing your climax with the town?

  7. dukas says:

    Hey Sleaze ball Steven Fornal, I was sinking to your level of the 3,900 word comment you posted in the gunkjournal dated June 02. I am sure it lead to the above posting Jon did on you. Here’s a quote from you in your enlightened response to Manuela bowing out of the race. You begin the article thus:

    “Another self-serving screed from Manuela Michailescu at a hefty 1000 words. What should be obvious to even the most clueless individual is that the only thing Manuela demonstrated is her stellar ability to polish a turd until it shines golden.”

    The rest of your cheap verbiage; lying and attacking a woman who was publicly expressing her withdrawal from a political race. And you got the gall to crap on somebody and praise your own shallow existence within the same comment. You are worse then an insecure lying fool, you are a demented scumbag.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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