Terry Bernardo did what?

Dump Terry Bernardo

As Chair of the Legislature, Terry Bernardo deferred the three most important policy decisions to the County Executive:

  • The sharing of Safety Net costs
  • The ever-increasing subsidies to the Resource Recovery Agency
  • The Golden Hill Nursing Home

As a Republican, Terry Bernardo…

  • Conspired to usurp the Chair of the Legislature from fellow Republican Fred Wadnola
  • Worked hard to remove fellow Republican Carl Chipman as Rochester’s Supervisor
  • Hired an out-of-county Independence Party leader as the legislative attorney and an out-of-county economic advisor over county Republican attorneys and economic development experts

As a taxpayers’ watchdog, Terry Bernardo…

  • Significantly increased the payroll for the Legislature’s staff
  • Used taxpayer dollars to rent the UPAC theater to stage what amounted
    to political grandstanding
  • Worked extensively for, and threatened to sue the county to keep the tax break for Skate Time 209 – her own business!
  • Voted against selling the UCCC president’s taxpayer-funded perk mansion to fund a residence for homeless veterans
  • Voted against a property tax break for first time house buyers

As a political figure, Terry Bernardo played no role in…

  • The Safety Net takeover plan
  • The Resource Recovery Agency’s Flow Control plan
  • Privatizing the Golden Hill Nursing Home Plan
  • Preventing NYC from destroying public and private property by releasing muddy water into the Esopus
  • Negotiating the settlements for the homes flooded by the NYC’s aqueduct

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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4 Responses to Terry Bernardo did what?

  1. Anonymous says:

    All that may be true, but over 4 years she has successfully transormed her personal style from the Skatetime-McDonalds employee look-a-like to Nancy Pelosi! It may be worth voting for terry just to see what she will become next?

  2. Anonymous says:

    That about says it all Jon. 4 years wrapped up into 1 paragraph.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bernardo has to go. Once gone the legislature can get back to being productive and relevant.

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