Terry Bernardo’s loved one is… Terry Bernardo!

Dump Carl Chipman
Judging by their advertisements, GiveForward is a website where one can raise money for a loved one…
Dump Carl Chipman

On the GiveForward website there are clear fundraiser guidelines mentioning medical expenses, terminal illness, funeral expenses…

Dump Carl Chipman

In the process of establishing an account, a drop-down menu lists the fundraiser possibilities: Medical Expenses, Pet Medical, Funeral/Memorial, Adoption and IVF Treatment, Fire and Flood…

Dump Carl Chipman

Even a perfunctory reading of the GiveForward website would give a hint to any person of average intelligence:

    Project Amelia has raised $64,912 in an effort organized by the photographer’s friends to help her battle with breast cancer.

    Jen Bulick’s Life Fund raised $57,667 to help her with medical expenses as she battled stage IV lung cancer.

    Two victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, Patrick and Jess rallied the entire nation and raised an astronomical $882,548 to help them with the lifetime costs of their injuries.

    Ashley’s Journey raised $21,690. It was started by Tony Colton to help her battle two cancers and a bone marrow transplant.

    Tony’s Triumph raised $9,269. It was started by Ashley Krueger to thank him for her fundraiser and help him battle Clear Cell Sarcoma.

So, when we see Terry Bernardo – the Pride of Rochester – raising money on the GiveForward website for her campaign to unseat County Executive Mike Hein, we have to consider the alternatives: either she is dumber than a box of hair, or she finally accepted that her quest for power is just the symptom of a sickness…

Dump Carl Chipman

To learn more about Terry, please visit terryforulster.com.

– Jon Dogar-Marinesco

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